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I have made a realization... · 4:06pm Aug 17th, 2012

Heh, this is awesome! I finally have a few hours to write before I go into work at 12:30! Oh, this'll be wonderful! I'll actually have a story that I can have scheduled releases for instead of scrambling after each installment to write the next work! Oh, this will be wonderful, I'll have tons of- wait... whats this... Ponies Make War has updated yet again...



Srsly, I have freaking Literary ADHD! My brain just screams: "Oooooh, new book! New story! New FANFICTION! Drop everything else and read! READ READ READ READ! Completely ignore the fact that you have your own fanfic that needs to be written, OR that you're writing speed is slower than molasses! No, just take the valuable hour fate has bestowed on you and read stuff! Idle your time away! That's a good boy!"

I hate you brain.


Dear Princess Celestia,

Today, I learned that writers need to have alot of freaking free time in order to produce stuff. Like, honestly. This is why most serious writers are either A) Wealthy, or B) Starving Artists. Very rarely do you see a professional writer working a 9-5 job (or in my case, hours beyond human capabilities). The reason is because writing takes time. Both writing the actual story and too get down and click the keys to write it. Precious hours that life grabs for itself.

So life... umm... Princess, if you're reading this, can you, like... throw a miracle my way? Faster writing speed please? That's all. I'm not even asking for talent, just let me make the most of the short time I have on this planet and let me produce works. Not just a "work". Let them be numerous. That's all. Just a small thing. Just so I can write pony.

Your faithful archivist,


As a side note, anyone here any good at Vectors? I'm trying to do the simplest cover art for a new story and I can't seem to get it to work.

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I have the same problem.

I'll have tons of- wait... whats this... Ponies Make War has updated yet again...

know that feeling:twilightoops:

Its even better then you mind is able to imagine:pinkiehappy: I just finished it.

I have the exact same problem in so many areas of my life :applejackunsure:

Very rarely do you see a professional writer working a 9-5 job (or in my case, hours beyond human capabilities).

But you do! That clerk, over there, an author. Or that meter maid or that ...
Oh, you meant a job as a writer... Well there are some technical writers I know...
Oooh, you meant a job as a writer with your own story. Yeah, those are quite rare.


You might have to rephrase that. I was making the impression that someone who works a job might have some time for writing, whereas someone whose unemployed or writes for a living has tons of time, and thus, provide tons more.

I am envious of these people.


Sir, ah say, sir.

You have read my mind. And relayed its contents for all to see.

I'm just like that. I have my own stories, I should be updating them, then I see something has updated, and next thing I know it's time for bed and GORRAM IT WHY DID I WASTE MY TIME READING THAT WHEN I COULD BE WRITING?

And then when you actually get to writing? "Ho hum, got a few hundred words OH GOD SIX HOURS PASSED? WTF?!"

So yeah, I feel ya, man. :moustache:

We all have those areas in our life where our brain is like that. And if I become half-decent at making vectors I'll send you a message.

You will find no sympathy from me, considering you are delaying a story I follow to follow a story I don't care for.:duck:


I'm sooooo with you on this.

"Right, let's get editing so the the dude can post the next chapter. Oh, look, that featured story looks interesting, I'll just read that first, and that one, and that one, ooooh, three, *Blip*, no, four of my favorite stories have updated. Yay! Oh, that reminds me, I've gotta read The Games We Play sometime, I'll open up that and read it after these other stories, then I'll get editing."

***13 hours later***

"Damn it, gotta go to work. I'll do the editing tonight."

Then I work, get home, start editing and fall asleep at the keyboard, ending up with half a page of "2"s to remove, as that is where my finger happened to be when I fell asleep.

True story.

Don't feel bad about it; The Immortal Game ruins everyone's productivity :pinkiesad2:

i dont blame you. your chapters are 9000 words at this point, so o course they take long. that being said, WRITE MORE. SILENCE THAT PART OF YOUR BRAIN THAT SAYS READ.


BTW, I appreciate you immensely and I love your fic. Taking your time to read something you absolutely enjoy is not a fault, it is a glorious expression of the same fan joy that we all share and have in common. And honestly waiting any amount of time for a new chapter is really OK since you are writing out of the mutual enjoyment of yourself and your fans and the shared love of FiM.

Now as Rarity said, stop liking what I don't like and get back to work.

I know the friggin feeling. :twilightangry2:

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