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Why Pokemon Gen 4 is my favorite generation of all time... · 8:38pm Dec 23rd, 2015

Many people may say that Pokemon White is my favorite Pokemon game of all time, and they'd be right. Black and White did so many good things for the Pokemon world that it's hard to keep track of it all. The story is beautiful, most of the Pokemon are very creative and dare I say even some of the most powerful in any generation, and the music... dear god, the music.

But it's not my favorite generation. That respectful title would have to go to none other than generation four, Sinnoh!

Sure, call me out for having different opinions, but generation was my first generation I ever played and was the generation that got me into Pokemon. And yeah, you could call me biased for liking games simply because I hold nostalgic feelings towards them. But this isn't the only reason I like this gen.

For one, I believe this was the most important generation in the series. In added in physical and special moves that varied for each type. This meant that any move that physically touched the opposing Pokemon, like Fire Punch and Aqua Jet, was considered physical, and anything non-physically touching the opposing Pokemon, like Flamethrower or Thunderbolt, was considered special. This opened up a whole new door of strategy when it came down to battling. Now you could have a physical-attacking water-type or a special-attacking fighting-type. It was, and still is, really cool!

Next, the Pokemon. Certainly some of the better Pokemon out there, including some of my favorites like Luxray, Magmortar, and Roserade. Goddamn, I love Roserade... Anyway, yes, these Pokemon are fantastic evolutions to some of the most well-known Pokemon out there, like Magmar, Electibuzz, and... Lickatung. Yes, even this generation had it's fair share of flops, like Probopass and Lickilicky. But thankfully, more good came about than bad.

Finally, the villain. I would go so far as to say this was my favorite Pokemon villain in existence. Cyrus is his name, and killing everyone then becoming the god of the universe is his game! Yeah, this guy pretty much hates everyone, so he's going to kill everyone, remake the universe without any emotion, then become the god of said universe. Extreme? Yes. But I feel as if that's the whole charm of him. He's even worse in Platinum, where he basically stalks you through the entire game and even acts as a rival of sorts. Then, he nearly destroys the universe by summoning not one, not two, but THREE Pokemon gods into the real world. That was a bad idea. But he doesn't even care! That's why he's my favorite villain; because in a game that is so happy and colorful, he brings a dark and pure evil contrast to that.

The music and characters are also pretty nice, but since they aren't nearly as good as Ruby and Sapphire or Black and White, I feel as if that's the reason people say this is the weakest generation. That, or they're all just Genwunners. While I do see where they're coming from and fully accept their opinion, nothing will make me think otherwise: I love Gen 4!

Well, that's all for today! Until then, dream on everyone!

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4th Gen was my first gen, too...!:raritystarry:

I find it impossible to choose between Crystal and Emerald as the best games of the franchise.

I love Gen 4. I binged on my brother's battles and contests. I miss those days!:raritycry:

I won't deny both games are good (if slightly dated), and your opinion is okay with me. :twilightsmile:

Yeah, me too... :ajsleepy: Though, I had no friends, so I was just left alone with my single player campaign. :rainbowlaugh:

Gen 4 is your favorite too?! Awesome!


Oh, I wouldn't play all the time. I would just sit there and watch my brother.


Eh, I'm old, so of course I'll pick the old ones. :rainbowlaugh:

Yeah! It takes me way back, man! :pinkiehappy: I still remember the days when I was stupid and had a Lv.90 Infernape along with all my Lv.40 or so other Pokemon. It was a time when I believed a higher level meant a better Pokemon, so naturally I had a Tentacruel on my team. Bad idea when going against the Elite Four. :facehoof:

Just to be clear though, you think Gen 1 is outdated and like Fire Red and Leaf Green better, right? :raritystarry:


From a technical standpoint, yes, they are miles better, but nothing's ever going to match that rush I had playing the original games into the wee small hours of the night. :raritywink:

I would say Johto is the best, but it's for the same reason.:rainbowwild: One of my favorite memories is beating Lance with just Typhlosion and a random team of level 20s.:rainbowlaugh: However, Sinnoh DID introduce the ONLY ice type I actually like, so that's a plus.:twilightsmile:

My personal favorite is 3 but 4 was close. But for all time favorite Pokemon game and hell this is my all time favorite video game is Pokemon mystery dungeon explore of sky.

Hey I love Sinnoh too...it's not my favorite but it is 2nd place for 1st. 1st goes to Hoenn. But yeah Sinnoh was sick and bad (as in really good) it has a whole bunch of cool things and it even has my favorite legendary Dialga in there. My sweet adorable Dialga that can vaporize you into a crisp:rainbowkiss:

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