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A former Australian FIMfiction author. I like to write stories, be they good or bad. I always have an idea in my head just waiting to be used. I love to write and will continue to do so.

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Inability to release stories until next year, and a shout-out to an artist. · 1:23pm Dec 21st, 2015

Okay, so I won't be able to post any new stories until next year, or until I can find an artist who could provide cover art (I would have to comission it), Valcron is one such artist in mind. shelbythehedgehot112 is the one who provides me the majority of my custom cover arts, Rainbow's Morning Eggs and the first Nyx and the Sunset covers were drawn by her. And I can't ask TealessTea, as she and I aren't on speaking terms. So, my Christmas story and my A Mothers Warmth prequel will be held off until next year, sorry everypony. :facehoof:

Update: So it turns out I might be able to dish out one new story before the years end. My usual artist was actually working on something after all :twilightoops: whoops.

This does, however, give me an opportunity to give a shout out to shelbythehedgehog112. She's a traditional artist, among the very few on DeviantART who still practices that style actively. She's been trying to make a leap to digital, mostly at my urging. She's ignored by a vast majority and nobody really acknowledges her work, being an artist, that can be fatal. I cannot provide a link per site rules, but I can recommend giving her a glance if it's in your interest. She's amazing at what she does with what she's got, and trust me her works are amazing for what they are.

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Comments ( 3 )

I might be able to draw something for you. It'll have to be for free, though.
I drew The Fiction Fanatic's avatar photo for a reference.

3634222 I appreciate the offer. Turns out, I wrote half this blog for nothing, and shelbythehedgehog122 actually has been working on an art piece for me the whole time. :twilightoops:

3634721 That's actually pretty funny XD

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