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Paroli nur unu lingvon estas uzi nur unu koloron de farbo. La lingvo de amikeco ne estas vortoj, sed signifoj.

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Winter Break Q&A · 4:14am Dec 20th, 2015


Today was the first day of winter break, with another fifteen days to go. I thought perhaps you might want to know me a little bit better, so I'll throw this image up:

Bear in mind that, due to privacy concerns, I will exercise some limited discretion on which numbers I answer. If you select 46, please include your question for me.

Good night, and good luck.

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Comments ( 2 )

As a music pony, I have to ask 16 along with 17 (music artist though)! :raritystarry: and maybe 31 if you would allow it :rainbowkiss:

16: I don't really have a single favorite. One of my favorites is "Lunar Pirate (ft. MEMJ and ElieMonty)", by Carbon M├Žstro.

17: Dude, it's all about Antti Martikainen.

31: Sure, I'll allow it. My biggest wish is to have one or more of my stories animated by Hasbro. If nothing else, let it be my magnum opus-- The Blue Rose.

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