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Whoa Whoa Whoa! · 5:47pm Dec 19th, 2015

What in the hell just happened? After seeing a certain blog by my good friend the Cynical Brony and seeing this new "rule," I went to my page and noticed my latest blog post was gone.

So apparently "social-network style blog posts that encourage you to repost them are not allowed."

Fuck. That.

Pardon me if I'm wrong, but I would think that this is very much a "social-network" site. In addition to writing stories, people meet here because of our shared love of MLP. I can say that I've made more friends on this site than on Facebook, and thus I consider it more of a social network site in addition to a fanfic site.

More importantly, we have the right to post whatever the fuck we want on our blogs. I can understand doing this for groups and shit, but these are OUR blogs and the mods should have no right to delete them at a whim if they are not causing any harm to anyone.

In conclusion:
Fuck off and have a merry fucking Christmas

Repost this blog if you agree.:trollestia:

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Comments ( 30 )

I'm sorry but I welcome such changes. If you want to socialize with bronies go to Mlpforums.com or some other forum where you can talk about that.

The "social networking posts" that are out there are simply another form of chain mail that litters my feed.

Good riddance.

Again, you can always ignore it. Scroll past it if it's not your thing, but some people really enjoy this. I didn't encourage re-posting and mine still got deleted. regardless, these are OUR blogs and we have the right to put what we want on OUR blogs.


regardless, these are OUR blogs and we have the right to put what we want on OUR blogs.

Nah, knighty owns the servers (well, paid for--you're using this service for free) your blogs are on. Internet rules, mang. :ajsmug:

3629199 Bullshit. I refuse to have my blogs removed for bullshit reasons. I don't care if he owns it, this is plain stupid and I will make my opinion known

Football players have always struck me as a breed full of thunder signifying nothing.

- Joe Flaherty, The Boston Phoenix, 09/26/1972

That's exactly what the new rule prohibiting "social-network style blog posts that encourage you to repost them" is.

3629199 Still. The warning is enough. Is deleting the blog necessary? I was actually scared that I had been hacked or something when I saw my last blog post missing. No joke. At least say,

All such recent blog posts will now be deleted.

I get it's his server, but still... Also, wasn't Knighty. He wasn't involved in any of this.

3629235 I never said it was Knighty, I said the mods. Regardless, it's still stupid and they fact they didn't even deign to tell us that they were deleting blogs is just insulting.

3629232 So the rule is meaningless?

3629243 I know. I was talking to Scootareader. For some reason, quite a few of these blogs mention Knighty. But yeah. A warning would be nice.:ajbemused:

3629247 my bad. But yeah, just plain stupid

3629250 it is stupid and pointless, but the fact it exists is infuriating and insulting


I refuse to have my blogs removed for bullshit reasons.

Well, you're using a blog to criticize a decision about blogs. I'd consider this in some manner constructive, and, lo and behold, this blog has not yet been deleted. Plus, you're still using this site. If you refuse, you need to boycott or perform some kind of action that wouldn't generate additional site traffic. :raritywink:

That's actually a reference to Shakespeare. :ajsmug:

It is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury
Signifying nothing.

Great quote, though! :rainbowlaugh:


Still. The warning is enough. Is deleting the blog necessary?

Well... yes. Yes, it was. The reason for the blogs not being allowed is because it congests servers that aren't optimized for social media by peddling social media. The more blog posts of that sort, the more traffic on the site that bogs down other portions of the site for people trying to read, or discuss, or really anything other than masturbate/circlejerk. :derpytongue2: Just sayin', I didn't mind the blog posts overly much and did what I could to ignore them altogether, but they weren't exactly a constructive thing to have on the site.

Apparently, it's for the same reason they banned RPing: the servers get flooded with messages and data and stuff and it slows down the site response time. Which is fine. But my problem is with all the new sudden rule changes, there's a risk that FIM may suffer a similar fate to fanfiction.net, which will be really depressing.:ajsleepy:

Oh, who specifically did it is kind of a moot point; knighty elected his moderation team to perform work in his absence, so he is not required to explicitly oversee every moderator action, but the action is performed in his stead for the good of his site. It's his decision by proxy. :moustache:


with all the new sudden rule changes,

What rule changes?

3629275 I'm just expressing my view at the moment. I plan on getting together with others to discuss something akin to what you're suggesting. And regardless of whether or not this blog is deleted or not is irrelevant, the fact they already deleted other blogs for, in my opinion, unsound reasons is the issue here.

3629275 True, but they were fun and really got people together.
3629282 Like I said, if it's for the good of the site, it's fine. I'm just worried about a repeat of what happened to fanfiction.net.
3629283 See this. Some are obvious. Some, not so much. Plus, the new bans on RP and bandwagons.

I get that it slows the servers, so maybe they're fine. But I'm just expressing my personal views. This is how it started on fanfiction.net.


Plus, the new bans on RP and bandwagons.

The RP ban is ancient history in site time. I'm not sure what bandwagon rule you're referring to.

EDIT: Also, LyraAlluse promotes her material on here all the time. No one's ever gotten on her case about it that I've heard. She just created that as a free resource for the express purpose of sharing new creations, as opposed to piggybacking off a fanfiction website.

3629332 Fair point. And I mean the blog bandwagons.

Soooo, like... two rules, one old and one new? I don't think that constitutes as "all the new sudden rule changes." :twilightsheepish:

3629340 I referred to the unofficial rules. I was gone for a while and found about four people on this site banned for things like this.

Maybe I'm being a bit paranoid... IDK. I get why they do it. It's just the blog deleting thing terrified me for a moment.

Well, actually, I kind of like this new rule now, though. :twilightsheepish: Sometimes these things can get annoying. I'm not gonna say they completely are, since I'll be a total hypocrite. :duck:

Oh. Uhhhhh...

I'm just gonna...

I'm just gonna go sit in the corner

3629509 it's not even so much the ban on bandwagons or whatever, it's the fact that its deleting blogs that are doing no harm to anyone. Our blogs should not be tampered with for such stupid reasons.

3629522 why?:rainbowlaugh:

3629543 Wait, they're deleting blogs? :rainbowderp:

3629553 yeah, without warning. I had a blog that was part of a bandwagon, I didn't even ask to repost, but it got deleted.

3629572 Okay, now that's a bit much. :rainbowhuh:

3629543 Well to be honest, I find this all stupidly ridiculous.

I've been seeing this argument tear everyone apart and harm friendships and relationships, and I find it ridiculous. There are more important things in life than a simple social-network likeness problem.

I don't know the site rules, but yes, it was a bit dick-ish to outright ban and delete certain blogs.
And no, we don't get to put whatever we want. It may not be something like deliberate hate speech, but rules are rules.

I'm kinda disappointed that you let yourself get dragged into this, but it's your choice and I won't hate you for that.

3629576 I just am livid at limiting my right to blog without good reason.

3629613 As we say in the 14th about a Captain that was demoted for abusing power

Here it shall be #Fimfictionmodtatorship

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