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No More Questionnaires · 5:44am Dec 19th, 2015

No More Questionnaires

There is a new site rule which prevents people from re-blogging quizzes, polls, and such here on the site.

This is the message I got from a site admin.

From Meeester (Site Admin): Participating or starting a series of chain blogs, encouraging others to post their own blogs in response is not permitted as it promotes site-wide spam. If you start a blog like this, ask that responses be in the comments, not new blogs. This limits the issue. We appreciate your cooperation.

So sorry about that guys. It looks like you can make quizzes and such, but people can only respond to them in the comment section of your own blogs. Otherwise, it will be counted as spam.

If you want to post answers to a survey and meet some new friends, feel free to do so in my group, The Cupcakes and Cuddles Club in the official Find A Friend Thread.

You can find the thread here: https://www.fimfiction.net/group/209158/the-cupcakes-and-cuddles-club/thread/221312/find-a-friend-thread

I made this thread so people could hopefully meet some other site members and find people for creative projects and such. I hope it can help people make some connections here on the site and beyond.

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Oi, this is just like the MST3K rule...ah well. At least tumblr gets away with that and I'm pretty good at not pissing off feminists.

Hmm... Funny, I'd found myself wondering when that issue would come up and be dealt with? I'd presumed that it would just be banned but I guess not since, if they did ban it, then it would tend to take away some of the 4chan-esque flavor of this place which, from what I've seen, seems to be one of the big appeals of this site.

3628282 Yeah sorry about that. It looks the re-blogging trend shall become but a distant memory. We shall have a moment of silence for it. RIP re-blogs. We knew ye well.

Yay, more authoritarian jackassery by the mods.

3628284 Basically you are allowed to post polls and such but you can't encourage people to re-blog anything. It does remind me a bit of the rules of Reddit, Imgur, or 4Chan. And the reason Imgur, 4Chan, and Reddit gives for this is to prevent people from getting unearned upvotes or something. But I don't think they realize that people pay for upvotes or downvotes on other sites. Or if they do know, they care to ignore it. And this is a prime reason why I am not a big fan of the upvote/ downvote system on sites.

I'm not sure what the reason for this rule on this site though. Except maybe bandwidth? Or something to do with lagging because of too much data sharing? I can imagine that if hundreds of people did the same thing, it might create lag or overall site issues. But I don't know. This is just a guess on my part, being a website coder/ designer myself.

3628286 I'd never thought I'd see the day when tumblr would become better than fimfiction...

3628301 I am not entirely sure what the reason for this might be. However, if I were to make a guess it might have something to do with the lag so many re-blogs of the same thing might put on the overall site system. I mean if you can imagine hundreds of people doing the re-blogging at the same time (depending on the type of set up they have) it could create problems for their internal network. This is all coded by one dude right? I'm not sure what his server situation is, but it might have something to do with how he is hosting the site, making updates, and such.

3628311 Well to my knowledge, Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter have a different set up entirely which encourages re-sharing of content. Sites like most of the fiction sites, Deviant Art, Reddit, 4Chan, and so on usually rely on a voting system and a view count of your content. I think a lot of this has to do with covering all of the bases so to speak if someone wants to sue them for inappropriate content. A lot of it has to do with legal red tape.

Now the social media sites on the other hand are partnered with ad companies and they want to encourage users to share content to continue having the support of ad companies and other revenue generating options. So as you can imagine, they WANT to encourage re-sharing because it is financially beneficial for them. It is a different setup and has to do with legal things as well.

3628312 Nope. This is his MO. He's just a dick, and uses technical bullshit as an excuse to enforce whatever he wants.

3628325 I'm not to familiar with everything that goes on behind the scenes here on the site, to be honest, I only really started getting hardcore involved with the site about a year ago (even though I've been signed up here since 2012, ha). The reason was that prior to this year I didn't even know there were groups. (I know that's funny right? :P) I just never bothered to look. But then I saw that there was a lot I could do with the groups and journals here in making friends and such so I started becoming more involved with the community.


Well just so you know, people can post any creative work of any rating on my Post your Heart site. :) Feel free to use it as a place to post whatever pops into your mind.

You can literally post whatever you want there; articles, guides, videos, pictures, fan fictions, writing, other creative stuff, etc, etc. It's my site; I make the rules. Muahahahaha!

And if you know anyone else who might be interested, tell them to hop on over here: http://postyourheart.proboards.com/


This is where people can post their fan fictions: http://postyourheart.proboards.com/board/20/original-fan-fiction


Yeah, I can see that but it seems no matter what anyone does someone always finds a way around it. There's just too many people in the world who think that rules are actually challenges made to them, daring them to break them. You watch, someone will figure out a way to get around it. They always do.

IMO I think it would have been better to just ban polls in the rules, anyway. After all, how often are those things actually taken seriously?

I may start a very simple poll: It would ask three questions:

"Would you like to see more clopfics on this site? Yes? No?" I can easily imagine that poll being taken seriousy with the vast majority of respondants giving a resounding YES!



When everything is outlawed only outlaws will have lives. :raritywink:

3628453 I've been keeping a pretty good list of all of the unofficial site rules. These are all of the rules I have documented so far. Feel free to spread the word about them so other people won't get in trouble.

Unofficial Sites Rules That Can Get You Issued A Warning Or Banned:

1. Only promote your content in a max of five groups a day. If you go over this, you will get a warning from the site mods and a possible ban if you keep doing it. This doesn't have to do with stories, this has to do with stuff you advertise in the actual forums, as in making forum posts promoting your content. If you make more than five forum posts in five different groups promoting your content, you will get a warning and then an eventual ban. I personally dealt with this one fairly recently. It wasn't a fun experience, and this isn't listed anywhere in the rules, so I thought it was important to pass it along.

2. Don't post full episodes, songs, or any other media in blogs or groups that hasn't been posted by Hasbro. I knew two people who got a warning for this and a few others who were banned. The site mods take this serious, guys. I probably have to go back and delete things from my own blogs and groups as well.

3. Be careful of the amount of stories you put in the group story folders at the same time. Some mods count too many stories as spamming. The max amount of stories you are allowed to put in the group folders a day is around 50. I knew a few people who were issued a warning for this and a few others who are banned.

4. You are not allowed to create blogs or forum posts that speak negatively of another user, especially blogs or forum posts which single that user out for harassment. This one is pretty self-explanatory.

5. You aren't allowed to sign posts with anything more then just your username. Anything past that can get you a warning, though most likely not until you've done it several times.

6. The only place you can link Mature stories is in a NSFW marked group or in a tagged blog on that story (which is inherently a nsfw blog as such). This is just for the URL, not for displaying in a featured module in your user page. You can place NSFW stories in the appropriate folders of groups, however.

But again, this never means you can post NSFW art, off-site links, pictures, or videos anywhere ever on the site.

7. Excessive following can get you banned. There's no set number that constitutes "excessive" although the mods have mentioned that following one hundred people a day seems unnecessary. It's all up to the moderator's discretion.

8. Sharing accounts can also get you banned. This is subjective, although the mods have mentioned that having your account shared with fifty people seems a bit extreme. It's all up to the moderator's discretion.

9. Indiscriminate bulk-posting is generally not allowed. You're free to catalog and list things in your own group when a new share topic pops up, but showing up in basically every new group with a post plugging new content trends dangerously close to spam.

10. Stories including embedded images or videos in their description are not allowed. Embedded content in the story itself is allowed, but not in the description.

11. Participating or starting a series of chain blogs, encouraging others to post their own blogs in response is not permitted as it promotes site-wide spam. If you start a blog like this, ask that responses be in the comments, not new blogs. This limits the issue.


I'm pretty good at not pissing off feminists.

Please tell me you're kidding! Pissing off the knee-jerk totalitarian "do-it-my-way-or-die" feminists is one of the few high points of that site! :rainbowlaugh:

Otherwise it's just a big circle jerk.

3628458 I can do it pretty well when I want to...:trixieshiftleft:

3628458 I think it is funny that I am a girl on Tumblr and just because I post guy stuff I always get angry comments from chicks. lol

3628460 You must teach us all your wise ways, sensei. ^0^

3628468 Rule Number 1: Speak Your Mind

Rule Number 2: Wait

3628470 I don't even say anything. I post guy stuff like video games or funny memes on Tumblr and I get angry comments like ten seconds later. I find this hilarious as I am a girl myself, and then they chastise me for supporting 'the man', And I'm just like well....k den.


That's just stupid! Why would you be getting angry comments? I don't get that! Now, on another note let's sum up FIMfiction 4chan style, shall we?

>Be me

>Be Reading Roolz

>See rules suk!

>See mostly clopfix

>Write truly great non-clopfic story

>Get massively downvoted

>Write total-piece-of-shit clopfic a chimp with Downs syndrome could write

>See not enough upvotes. Buy massive quantities of upvotes!

>End up massively upvoted

>End up featured on front page

>Become Flavor Of The Month

>All Bronies hate me because jelly

>All Pegasisters worship me

>Become Writer Of The Year (All because I used the word "plot" over 9000 times in a 10,000 word story!)

>Retire as God of FIMfiction!


I do pretty well even when I don't want to. :rainbowlaugh:

3628480 I think you've summed up Reddit, 4Chan, and Imgur pretty good. :P I can't even go onto Reddit anymore except for the subreddit I created and the pony fan fiction subreddit. Every other place is so filled with hate and bogged down with rules, that most of the fun has been taken out of it.


Funny, I went to Reddit for the first time about five years ago, I think. I don't remember now. Anyway, I signed up, got an account there and he first thing that happened to me? I got banned from some feminist group because I dared to ask an 'inappropriate' question then had the sheer audacity to write something in "scare quotes". Yeah, they made that up! Well, with that behind me I began looking around other threads on Reddit and found myself being bored to death. I haven't gone back since then and I'm pretty sure my account there has long died. So, it makes me wonder: WTF is the point of that site? Or Tumblr? Or 4chan for that matter? All I can think of is that it's true: "Shit always floats to the top of the bowl!" :rainbowlaugh:

3628506 The point of Reddit, 4Chan, Imgur, Tumblr, and other upvote sites like them is to get a wide range of exposure for people's submitted content. To give you some context, I submitted a really dumb meme to Imgur one time which got 200 likes in about thirty minutes. People essentially use these sites for the mass promotion/ sharing of information. However, because of the corrupt voting system, it often becomes a place where advertisers and major companies congregate, pushing the little man/ average user to the side and making them feel less important, as well as making almost impossible for them to compete with the established companies.

One reason I made my Post Your Heart site was so people would have a place where they could post and promote anything they like with no upvote system whatsoever. It is a forum based site like 4Chan, so I figured 4Chan users (or any board code user) would be familiar with the setup.

But like I said, I really haven't done my best to advertise it or get the word out about it. :P


Mine was a rhetorical question, not one that required an explanation. :raritywink:

I'll be honest. I'm glad this shit happened. I didn't want for fimfiction to turn into fimfacebook or fimtumblr.

3628660 I kind of figured that this topic would come up on the site eventually. To my knowledge, Fim Fiction is the only fan fiction site or fiction site in general that lets people have blogs. A lot of fiction/ fan fiction sites let users partipate in and make groups. But I think Fim Fiction is the only site that allows blogs. Wait, the Wikia pages let users make blogs too, but community members are usually discouraged from posting on archived blog entries of a month to prevent them from going to the top of the site's notification feed.

Anyway, Fim Fiction is one of maybe only one other fiction/ fan fiction site that allows blog entries. So I figured that eventually they would probably implement rules that made people unable to use them as a social media or re-blogging platform.

3628675 Well to be honest I'm not against socialising in here and posting life blogs or whatever. But this is no social media platform.

3628678 To be honest I don't mind too much one way or another. I only made one quiz thing for fun. And I was the one who made it so it wasn't like I was copying anyone else's quiz or reposting things. I'm not really into resharing content unless it is a meme on Facebook or Twitter. I don't even like re-blogging things on Tumblr because I like the content on my Tumblr page to be owned by me, not someone else.

I feel that Fim Fiction's policy on journals is still more lenient than the Wikia pages. Because if you even comment on someone's archived journal on the Creepypasta Wikia for example, you will be permanently banned from using the site. They will usually give you like two warnings and then they will straight up ban your IP address. So Fim Fiction is definitely a lot more laid back in terms of what you can post in journal entries on the site.

3628695 I don't get why archived things are so important.

3628807 On the Wikia pages (not here) a lot of Wikia pages (like Creepypasta Wikia) don't let people respond to blogs if they are more than a month old because it bumps it to everyone's feed on the site. I think it is a dumb rule too, but it is unfortunately it is what a lot of those Wikia pages do.

I'm seeing all kinds of blog posts complaining about Knighty's new rules. Wouldn't it be something if the implimentation of those rules was the match that lit the fuse that ended up starting something that came to be known as The Christmas Revolution? Yes! The Christmas Revolution! (Where 99.9 percent of all present members quit the site, leaving only the most anal-retentive mindless followers to lick Knighty's boots.) Yeah, it could happen.

3628935 I just redesigned my Post Your Heart Site. What do you think?

Here: http://postyourheart.proboards.com/

I am asking because I value your opinion and want to see if it looks easier to navigate this way.

3628936 I thought so too. I mean it is just a blog post right? :/ But anyway, that is the way they run things on most of the Wikia pages. Shrugs. There isn't much you can do about it.

3628975 Ugh I'm out the stupidity is contagious.


The solution is simple! Steal all FIMfiction site code! Remove voting system code. Change all the icons, banners and what have you and use it to create new site!

After all, as far as I can tell, Nighty never bothered to put a copyright on the code, itself. (You know, like, "This site and all coding copyright (c) 20XX Knighty) but I could be wrong about that but I think anyone could just grab it, get a server and start up a new site somewhere. Oh, you know what'd be really funny? If dozens and dozens of disgruntled, dissatisfied FIM members started creating literally dozens of copy-cat sites with variations like FRIMfiction, FOOMfiction, FRIKKINfiction, you get the picture. That would be hilarious! :rainbowlaugh:

Barring that we could just create a Chan style board (Pone Chan? PoneeChan? Rarity's Closet? (Dayam! I'd love to see her closet. I'll bet she's got a huge pile of vibrators stashed in there!) Celestia's Library? Royal Equestrian Book Repository?)

Probably best of all, we could just use the code from the boards on this site and use that to create a new site. It'd be really simple: You'd have a members, stories, what have you buttons, a rating system (to keep the kiddies from fapping to stuff they shouldn't be looking at, anyway. (Yeah, like that actually ever stopped anyone? Look at all the 12 YOs on 4chan!))

There's lots and lots of options but the main thing would be to keep it simple and very user friendly, make it so anyone wanting to join wouldn't end up feeling like they needed a college degree to use the site (FanFiction comes to mind. How do people navigate around that thing? It's like being in a corn maze!)

Anyway, there's lots and lots of options and the Internet's a HUGE place and growing bigger all the time with tons of room left for unlimited expansion. Yeah, there needs to be literally dozens and dozens more sites like this one so we all have a better choice and can find and pick the one that suits us best.

3629024 Actually if you look at the legal stuff underneath the site, the site mods have expressed that the coding for this site is in fact copyrighted. :P Anyway, I know how to code my own stuff. The point is that I have a promotion forum that no one ever uses even though it is a free resources for people to promote whatever they like on it. Which is frustrating to say the least. :facehoof:


Well, like I said in another thread, I signed up and got confronted with an overwhelming number of difficulties that make the site very difficult to use, not user friendly at all.

I think a clue to that is where you said:

Anyway, I know how to code my own stuff.

The thing: Most people don't have a clue about that which is why companies like Microsoft and Apple went to great lengths to make their OSs so simple and easy to use that anyone could.

Conversely, Linux is one of the most user UNfriendly things I ever saw! NO one should be forced to use a console to type in crypic command line commands just to get things done. (SUDO -f -g -a -k- -w -int or whatever. Really? I mean, really?)

My point: There should be a login with username and password. After login it should all be very clean, clear, user friendly and very intuitive.

A button marked "stories", one marked "forums", one marked "members" and what have you is simple. It's always best to keep in mind to create a site that would allow a blind chimp to use it. People are lazy! They don't want to deal with a lot of things! They want to point and click, get right to what they want. Look at the main page on this site and you'll see what I mean.

3629076 I thought that was pretty much what I did though. If there is anything that is confusing on my site, I can always take it down. Like tell me specifically what sections have you confused and I will be happy to simplify them or remove them all together.

3629030 I'm saying that I am out of this general thing because if I involve myself anymore to this stupid thing i'll go stupid.

3629099 Oh you mean what the Wikia pages are doing? Yeah I agree. So how are you today? I am eating a doughnut. :P


Now, having been forced to repeat the process, I discover that Proboards somehow very conveniently (for them) either lost my original log-in information or it didn't get put in the database so I signed up for a second time, this time successfully. I was actually able to log in this time.

Something that happened the second time that didn't happen the first: I was given a confirmation code. Odd, because when I signed up for the site the other day I got no such thing, only an E Mail that told me my account had been created but it explains why I wasn't able to log in. Also, the capcha system used on Proboards is vague and not readily understandable since it's a combination of both capcha and advertising mixed up, together.

That being the case I can't place all of any fault on your shoulders since it appears that Proboards isn't all that great to begin with. That's my opinion.

My other opinion: logging into a site should be like checking into a hotel: You walk into the lobby (main page), step up to the concierge at check in (log-in/register), sign in, get assigned a room (registration successful) and then just use your keycard (name/password) from that point on to go in and out of your room (board) any time you want without needing to deal with a security guard (capcha) who bugs you for your ID (answer capcha) every time you step in the door.

3629108 Considering of going to my hometown for a bit to get some stuff.

3629117 It is just an added security feature that the host site happens to have. And actually a lot of social media sites like Facebook or Twitter have the same thing too these days. Especially now that more accounts are being hacked on a daily basis on social media and information sharing sites. I actually feel that proboards has a very good and versatile setup for their boards.

I made a game board here which runs flawlessly: http://magicmetalislandrp.proboards.com/

And the nice thing is that on both sites, people don't really have to sign up at all. I coded it that way. So technically anyone can post to the boards, even without a username.

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