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  • 232 weeks
    I'm back!

    Hey guys I'm back from my one year break, I am working on a new chapter for reincarnation, but I cut a bunch of chapters because I forgot where I was going with it :p. It diverges at the early chapter of 3. Also I am much better at drawing so be expecting better images!

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  • 287 weeks

    Hey guys, I caught the cold earlier and was out for the weekend. But, it occurred to me just recently the thing that motivated me to write in the first place wore off and I just can't write as well or as frequently as I used to. So I have a request to anyone who cares enough to listen and tell me what keeps you going what keeps you determined it would help me more than I can say. Thank you.

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  • 289 weeks
    About 300 views and the next chapter

    Know what... I decided forget the body tournament I've had enough waiting and contemplating in my mind and I closed my eyes and thought what would I do. So the second I see I have reacted 300 views on reincarnation I'm going to make the next chapter screw editing delays I'm sick and fed up with waiting I'm going to blow the whole body tournament idea in my mind away with a big bang... And it will

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  • 292 weeks
    Update on reincarnation

    Hey guys, I'm not going to be uploading a new reincarnation chapter in a while, I'm also going to be starting a new fic. I know what your thinking SPECTIC... Why u start a new one when you have one to work on. Well to those people I say my editor is way behind on it, and he is going to be in some of the upcoming chapters so I need him to be caught up. also I'm going to be changing some of the

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  • 300 weeks
    100 view special interview feat. Stamp & Spectic

    Hello everypony, I am Stamps, you probably have not heard of me yet so I will try to keep my personal info to my self to avoid spoilers, I'm here with Spectic right after he heard his story just got 100+ views, what would you like to say Spectic

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Reincarnation chapter 2 unedited sneak peek · 3:29am Dec 18th, 2015

I woke up, I could hear a beeping noise in my ear. I look over and I see a heart monitor just to my right. It took me a good few seconds to remember what events have taken place.
The memories hit my heart strings like a brick wall.
I cry quietly remembering what has happened to me and what I have become. Of course I was to distracted by this to notice there was someone else in the room with me or I guess somepony else.
So there I was in the room again with the pony I first and the only one I met. He was across the room sitting on a chair typing things into the computer in front of him with out touching it.
I couldn't help but wish I could move things with that, well until I get a better name I'll call it "magic" I thought to my self
Hey guys spectic here,I hope you enjoyed this sneak peak, the edited full chapter will be out in 2-5 days

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