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    If I'm going to continue writing it, I need all the traffic I can get.

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For Anyone Interested... · 1:41am Dec 18th, 2015

I need your help with a story I started writing back when I first came to the site. It’s a story I was working on after I had published Wilted Flower, but shelved due to reasons I'm sure that you're all aware of by now.

I'm looking for motivated individuals to help me toss around ideas and improve on what I have written for it so far. I want to write and publish something fresh to get my motivation to write back up and running, and keep the momentum going once I get "back on my feet".

If you're sincerely interested in helping out, please send me a PM (or comment below and I'll PM you), and I will provide a link to the document containing the story. I'm tagging this blog under Wilted Flower so I can reach as many people as possible.

Report ArmedBrony · 247 views · Story: Wilted Flower ·
Comments ( 6 )

I recall likening that story was sad it stopped. Will read back up on it if you need help.

The assistance I need is actually for a different story altogether. One that I started writing, but never finished.

If you're interested, I'll share the link to the document with you via PM.

I'll be interested in offering my assistance, but I would like to know what I'm getting in to.

It's an HiE romance story (no clop planned yet) with Mayor Mare as the romantic interest.

3625715 I'll give it a shot if you're still needing people.

bro id be happy to help ya out. ^_^

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