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For those of you who don't know about me http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-096 There you have it now no personal questions please.

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Quick question for all of you. · 11:16pm Dec 17th, 2015

The last thing i read was that displaced Skolas story with the crystal empire. The last thing i watched involved a blue hedgehog. The last game i played is destiny which means i got a warlock that can revive himself thus making him immune to the zombie virus. A titan that causes havoc left and right & a hunter that puts the C in control. Yeah i'm fine. Share this to your buds if you feel like it.

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old blog post but this amuses me so i'' answer it.
Last thing I read, besides this blog post, was a fic on here so have Princess Luna on my team.

last thing I watched was Halo Legends segment "Prototype" so Ghost

and last game I played was battlefield 4 so Sergeant Recker

So my team is
Princess Luna
Sergeant Recker

I say i'll be ok.

3832076 Well it won't exactly be very good. You'll have to scour for ammunition AND food. Also should Luna get bit you'll end up having a zombie alicorn chasing you with wings.

3832141 trye but a UNSC marine and a US Marine even without ammo will be deadly.

but I think if a zombie managed to bite Luna I would have to be hella impressed if she was the one from the fic I was reading.

don't care it's old I'm doing it anyway so

last thing I read was my own fanfiction so I get that guy

last thing I watch was mlp fim

last thing I played was monster hunter so get my dam near unstoppable hunter so

the fanfic guy kills them all while walking around like its a normal day which make sense since he has weapons made to the fight the flood

fluttershy go's to corner and curls up in to a ball

the hunter fights a monster and the zombies get killed (or brutally devoured if it a deviljho) while they try and attack a guy fighting something far stronger then any zombie

me I sit back and watch while the fanfic guy looks out for any zombies, he's got more then one body to use

final result: we become to zombies what zombies are to humans… only worse oh and fluttershy go's to a mental hospital for the rest of her life.

Last thing I read was a Katawa Shoujo fanfic with a OC

Last thing I watched was Akiba's Trip

And last thing I played was BO3

Im pretty fucked

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