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The Great and Powerful Plush! · 8:37am Dec 17th, 2015

Huzah I have a Trixie!

And for $25-30 the quality is pretty good.

Report Twi-Fi · 149 views · #Trixie #Plush
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Comments ( 11 )

Damn! That does look good.

Congratulations, your descision to adopt a wayward Trixie, while noble, comes with a long list of responsibilties.

1. Please, make sure your Trixie is well fed with only the finest of forest dwelling nuts and berries to promote healthy mane and tail growth.

2. Your Trixie craves attention and admiration, keep in mind that your sincerity in your care will help maintain a soft plush coat.

3. For a strong self esteem, be certain to spend no less than twenty minutes a day gently caressing your Trixie's fragile ego.

4. If your Trixie become the target of bullying from a giant baby space bear, do not leave her alone after previously mentioned bear is sent home, ESPCIALLY if the bear has crushed your Trixie's home/pet bed.

5. Always help to maintain your Trixie's stage/gypsy caravan as many Trixie's enjoy even the illusion of the freedom of the open road within the comforts of their pet bed.

6. Do NOT leave your Trixie in the open road as wheels are one of a Trixie's natural enemies.

7. If your Trixie comes into possession of one or more corruptive magical artifacts(e.g. an Alicorn Amulet) be ready with sleight-of-hand and an appropriate fake to replace the offending item. note, Hugs are the best known cure for a Trixie's depression and regrets caused by her artifact induced antics.

Follow these simple guidelines and you too can be the proud owner of a Healthy and Contented Trixie! (c) of your supreme overlords Hasbro.

And now I want to write this and other pony care tips into a story. Next will be Twilight!

1. When in doubt, books.

30 dollars for that? 30 dollars for a plush toy? The clothes on my back aren't worth 30 dollars, maybe put together, but not separately. I'm sorry, but I'm not going to spend 30 dollars on something I could probably make if I get back into sewing... Yeah I know how to sew.

3624013 Thanks
3624016 There are a bunch of these on Amazon and Ebay. Pretty good quality for something mass-produced (I really don't care for the MLP Hasbro official plushes). They even have really good CMC plushes.
3624062 Such high maintenance. Next blog will be titled: Fun Magician Horse Needs a Good Home.
Aww I could never do that to my Trixie.
3624100 The Great and Powerful Trixie (Plush) can be bribed with promises of power and fame.
3624180 Thanks for sharing? Now, go rain on someone else's parade.

3624209 Where did you find it though? :derpyderp2:

3624244 Amazon. They are 12" plushies and the foals are 10".

That looks pretty cool for only costing 25-30 dollars.


MangaAnimeGadgets is a nice source for Europeans. :twilightsmile:

3624209 You know you love her enough despite her minor failings.

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