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Ideas for Tats. · 12:46am Dec 17th, 2015

I'm not saying he has to do these; the guy already has a lot on his table and all are going into his ultimate crossover, My Little PWNY. I'm just giving him some ideas that, I'm certain, most of you will agree on.

Handsome Jack's Diamond: A low level Hyperion Engineer has dreams of both running the company he works for and becoming a hero. It's gonna be tough, but with some clever thinking, selflessness through manipulation, and an adorable filly, Jack will... wait? A FILLY!?!?

Borderlands crossover with Diamond Tiara. Though I thought of this with Filthy Rich, he didn't seem engaging. Goes through all Borderlands games in order, but in a way similar to Willy's Wittle Wub.

One Punch Maud: Saitama is a hero for fun. Sure, he doesn't get the attention he'd love, and being the most powerful thing that can destroy anything with a single punch is quite boring. His boredom is solved when he receives a filly that shares his strength, has a strange taste for rocks, and doesn't express much like him. Hero work has never been this easy, but fatherhood, he'll need to be her Hero.

While One Punch Man is relatively new, it definitely needs a crossover with MLP. And Maud is quite fitting.

Evil's Glimmer: Evil comes in many different forms, some more obvious than others. Point taken, the new Overlord with his minions of brown, red, green, and blue, searching and killing all of the 'heroes' that protected Spree. The not-so-obvious: A pink, adorable unicorn who our Overlord adopts as his daughter who loves to rule all with an iron fist (or hoof, in her case) and shows no mercy to all who oppose her, just like her daddy.

Overlord Crossover with Starlight Glimmer. Minions, that's why. Though she's changed in the show, that doesn't mean she can't change in Fics as well.

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I like the Handsome Jack one personally, although I initially imagined Sweetie Bell, rather then DT. It seems like most of the PWNY stories are about changing the villain gradually and making them better in the end for it. I could kind of imagine Jack being redeemed. Violence isn't really an issue, considering how trigger happy Fluttershy ended up in Fortressshy.

Haven't really seen one punch man, so I can't really say if that's a good crossover or not.

From what I've played of Overlord (A few levels of the first game), the protagonist is a faceless, nameless villain. That could go either way. If Tats wanted to develop a personality for him, I could see it. Otherwise, eh, maybe not.

I Entirely agree with the Handsome Jack and Overlord crossovers! But I've never heard of One Punch Man.

You can watch the anime on Hulu. It's crazy in multiple ways, but you'll both enjoy it.

3624231 Yeah, I've already watched a few episodes. It's pretty good, but I don't think it'd quite work for a Displaced Adopted story (at least not the PWNY variety anyways). From what I've seen, the series doesn't stretch over a decent period of time, aside from the 3 year gap at the beginning. This means a young or infant Maud wouldn't have a chance to grow. I suppose Saitama could have found Maud right after his battle with the crab guy, but that would cut out most of the present day characters.
A compromise could be finding Maud, then time skipping ahead. It's a good character pairing, but I don't know if the setting would work.

I can't remember the name, but there's a type of crossover that blends elements from two or more forms of media into something that's a bit of both (Fallout Equestria for example). I could see something where Maud becomes a Saitama type character. Using Human or EqG characters could make it easier.

3624397 *Saitama walking home, but sees a box. He ignores it, but stops as he sees it move.*
S: Oh? *He leans down, and opens it. Maud, as a filly, is in the box, sucking on a rock as if it were a pacifier. She turns to him, a bit curious looking, but not afraid at all.*
S: What the-? A horse... thing? Where'd you come from? *she tilts her head, but points at the box*. Wait! You can Understand me? *she nods. Saitama picks her up* You're very strange. What's your name, if you can speak. *She clears her throat.*
M: *in adult voice* Maud Pie.
*Saitama freezes with a freaked out look. L*
S:*thinking to himself.* It... It actually spoke!? For looking young and adorable, what is UP with it's voice!? It sounds like an adult!!!
*Maud smiles at him, though it's pretty undetectable to the naked eye*
M: You look funny, Daddy.
S: ...DADDY!?!?!? How am I suppose to be this thing's... father if I can't afford-
*They're cut off by the car-monster, who monologues about his past. Maud leaps from Saitama's arms and, with a single punch, destroys the monster easily! Saitama stares as Maud wipes herself and walks back to him, adorably with a pebble in her mouth.*
M: He was annoying, Daddy.
S: *couldn't help but laugh* He certainly was, Maud. He sure was. *picks her up and both head home.* I guess this'll help the bordem. Never thought being the father of another powerful would help.

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