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The name's Animatorsnake or short for Anim, welcome to my realm the Living World. I'm a writer and storyteller and I hope you enjoy my content of the world of Equestria & Anim's journey in Equestria.

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  • 6 days
    July Update - I Disappoint Myself Sometimes

    So I was reading Knight of the Void because boredom and to see any mistakes... I did find some, but I am deeply upset what I found in Chapter 3, apparently I found out I kept changing the names of certain characters every time, within certain points of the chapter. (Ex. Knock Out the bartender of the Lazy Stallion was suppose to be Sweet Liquor, and was suppose to be an earth pony but at certain

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  • 2 weeks
    IANG News - Weapons of the Guard (& other characters)

    Hey you guys, next chapter is going to involve a lot of weapons and their wielders, mostly I do the own weapon suggestions, but I'm feeling curious how you guys feel. Now not every single character that using a weapon will get a unique one, only select few while the lower ranked grunts with get the basic, sword or spear.

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  • 6 weeks
    My Personal History to Creating Stories & My Next Biggest Story Project

    (I originally wrote down a lengthy blog but accidentally restarted the tab, deleting what I wrote down, so I'll make it a quick summary)

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  • 9 weeks
    IANG Update - Data Inanis

    (So I planned that I would make a story for character bios for IANG, but after asking one of the admins or was it moderators... can't remember, but I asked somebody who handles the site whether this was acceptable... they told me no. So I'm instead going to put all character bios on Google Docs, I'll make a link for it on this blog later, and present the character bios for characters that are

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  • 9 weeks
    IANG Update - New Series... Maybe

    So I know some people write down character bios and everything, though they do it in different formats - write it through blogs, as a story/chapters, or Google Docs - while I think using the Docs is the simple answer I have no idea how to do this, I'll try to figure it out but yeah.

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Christmas Is Coming!!!! & Updates (not major, just minor updates) · 2:40am Dec 16th, 2015

It's almost time for the holiday spirit to arrive, home all of you are having a wondrous Christmas being planned this year (if you are celebrating Christmas of course), so prepare your cookies, wrap your gifts, and place does socks, because the spirit of joy is coming, and have a wondrous time with family and friends to all everywhere.

Now for the updates, I decided to be "creative" and make the characters more in dept, for example as you might notice some of the chapters have some of the paragraphs in italics, these italics represent the character won POV (Point of view) but it's sometimes hard to tell who is speaking so the character who POV we are focusing on is up, I will put I instead of that character's name, (ex. I said instead of Anim said) but don't worry, only certain chapters will have POV moments, that's all the news for today, I hope future chapters will be improved in better detail for you and myself to enjoy reading, have a wonderful winter everyone.

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