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SITREP #00005 · 3:40pm Dec 15th, 2015

December 14th, 2015. Sweet Jesus, the year is coming to an end.

2015 has had some prominent ups and downs, and looking back the ups seem more prevalent. I hope 2016 will continue that streak of happiness and good vibes. Digressing from that, long time no blog, or story update. Whoops. Never fear, NotASheriff is still on the case. I mean, it's not even half finished, but y'know. Every journey starts with a small step, unfortunately this chapter seems to be a really long journey. I think the biggest issue is that, writing for the character Roar based on the personality of the man behind that pseudo is becoming more odd each time I open the story. With him pursuing a successful career in hockey, we don't talk much, let alone play. (Edit: Actually, a few hours after writing that, we got together for some Insurgency, it was good.)

On that subject, I can't remember the last time I played with the unit, let alone any ArmA at all. It would help if my unit reboot was active at all, but let's be honest, any TacSim unit that needs to be rebooted, doesn't. It was nice while it lasted though, definitely one of those prominent ups I was talking about earlier.

Back on the subject of Stryker, it's going. Should be a good chapter, lots of action. I just gotta finish it, that's all!

I'm a Staff Sergeant Captain Major Colonel!

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