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  • 61 weeks
    Once upon a time at a land forsaken by Celestia

    Been gathering lots of nostalgia lately to fuel my musical compositions. I know, nopony knows who I am.
    I just posted a pony song this skip day because it's a special day.
    In my nostalgia quest, I wandered in an old forum I was an admin along with some other beaner friends of mine. Yeah, I'm mexican too.
    And then... I saw this and screencapped this!!

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  • 235 weeks
    Funny punctuation differences!

    Alright, disregard what many might think, punctuation between spanish and english actually differs in ways that seem too dumb to exist, but they do anyway.
    In this case, I'm not talking about commas, periods, full stops and all those funny guys that pretty much all languages use the same way, but I'm talking about the use of em dashes and quotation marks.

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  • 236 weeks
    Don't use Plume

    Ok, so apparently open source text procesors are the worst thing you can ever use if you're going to write.
    Tried Plume, first off, limits styling big time.
    Second issue, exports to pdf in a weird way. It won't let you configure font styles, and much less spacing.
    Third problem, fucks up big time with sentences. It breaks them in weeeeeeeird ways.

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  • 236 weeks
    The horror of a n00b writer.

    Yes... The day has come...:pinkiecrazy:
    Mwahahahahahahahahahahaha-ack-hack-hack *cough*
    I have finally submitted something as story and I'm waiting for it to be (hopefully) accepted!
    Ponykind will be obliterated!
    Mwahahahahahahahahahahaha-ack-hack-hack *cough*:pinkiecrazy:

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  • 256 weeks
    Summer break is 'ere!

    So guys, I'm finally done with this semester...
    And next up is my last year of uni!
    I'll be working on something big, and I might also go back to reading.
    Not much else to say.
    I'm a happy pony! :pinkiecrazy:

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Almost vacations! · 5:19pm Dec 13th, 2015

I'm just a few days away from winter break!
I just have a few things to do at Uni next week, and once that's done... time to bookworm the read later list, starting by Silent Jade!
...And if god has no mercy for humankind, maybe even try my hoof at writing~! :pinkiecrazy:

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