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I PASSED MY COLLEGE FINALS · 10:19pm Dec 11th, 2015


...But I still have my high school finals.

Me by the end of next week, tbh.

In other news, Imma work on getting that review for the finale out. It's been two weeks and I'm still not completely done with it yet.

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Charmony, you still have work to do! This is no time to go to pieces! Pick yourself up and get to it. No senpai of mine is going to fail just because she came unglued.

Get ready for the exams! I just finished my last classes today, and I've got two finals next week.

Nice job, now for those high school finals.:rainbowdetermined2: Hit 'em hard. I'm glad I did my finals earlier this week; I know I probably barely passed one of 'em.

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