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Script Updates · 12:45pm Dec 11th, 2015

Merry 'almost' Christmas!

After a very long wait I can finally get some updates and fixes out for my userscripts. The details are listed below, and if any one has a problem be sure to let me know. :twilightsmile:

Extra Emoticons
The emoticons hosted on deviantart have all been updated, so that should fix problems with them not loading on https connections.

I've also started to migrate emoticons away from deviantart to my own location. So far only my own pony emoticons and the twitch emoticons have been moved. Also whist doing that I took the chance to adjust the sizes of many of the pony emoticons to match fimfiction's default ones and to add some twitch emoticons that were missing.

In order to make these changes I've had to add a new feature to Extra Emoticons for content packs. Matching between a image url and emoticon is a little smarter and each pack can provide their own logic. It already handles DeviantArt urls, and emoticons from the Twitch pack so any posts made with earlier versions will continue to display correctly. You can just edit the post to update the image urls in it.

FimFiction Advanced
I've added a fix for a styling bug on the vanilla site that causes content in the footer to go out of bounds.
The youtube video resizer will now apply to any video posted on the site, rather than just ones on your user page, and will should now always maintain the correct aspect ratio.

Other Misc Changes
Nosey Hound
Fixed new followers not being correctly detected if their avatar is the default and at least one other follower has a default avatar as well

Prompt Maker
Added some characters from season 4 & 5
Added more locations
Maybe some other stuff

Edit: Updated Extra Emoticons to fix an issue with it not inserting image urls correctly.

Script download pages:

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