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Does this help? (Starlight Glimmer is Aria Blaze Theory) · 4:09am Dec 11th, 2015

I'm totally with the Starlight Glimmer is Aria Blaze theory. Even after hearing her back story, which although may seem impossible, actually makes sense with what happened to Aria before. Starting with the fact that Equestria and the human world are in different times, and going to the fact that it's possible that Aria (who's never being a pony before) could've headed back through the portal and transformed into a little filly, and seeing as how she left the pony world years ago, she was in the past, around the time Twilight was a filly too.
But that aside, does this help?

It's not the fact that her hooves are folded. In fact, many ponies do this. But they never seem to really fold them, and more so just stick them on top of each other:

Because, you know, ponies don't have hands, they don't stick their hooves under their...arms like humans do—oh wait
So, yeah, it's the way Starlight Glimmer is folding them. She's not just placing her hooves on top of each other. She's actually sticking her "hand" underneath her "arm", because that's what's natural for her.
IF she was Aria Blaze
So, there we go, let the debating begin XD Or the agreeing, that'd be great

Oh yeah XD
The only thing that *may* blow this is their eyes

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