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Welp, Finally Cried · 1:15am Dec 10th, 2015

And I gotta say, I feel a little better. Still grey, but in a different, more bearable way. It was kinda refreshing, even if it wasn't a full-out, hiccuping and shaking kind of cry. Still, it got a bit of something out of me, so there's that.

If you're curious, I got there through a series of songs (Lullaby for a Princess, I am Octavia, Wings, and Mirror, Mirror). I really need to cry more often.

Now, we just sit and wait for LCS to be approved. Any day now. Or, you know, maybe never. Who can tell for sure? (Besides the mods, obviously).

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Comments ( 4 )

What do you think it was about those songs that pushed you over?

3608411 Lullaby for a Princess got me because of my own selfishness. To me, the song is less about Celestia being sorry and more about Luna being ignored and neglected, not getting the attention she deserves. I relate with that feeling quite a bit, even though I should be perfectly happy with the acknowledgement I get.

I am Octavia got me because of my own irrational fear of driving away those few friends I have. I don't communicate my emotions very well, and I often come off as antagonistic and hateful, but it's more of a trust thing. I only see the bad in people, so I only expect them to hurt me. In order to combat them, I make them want to avoid me.

Wings got me because of the video and connotation associated with it. After his passing, the song became a sort of memorial to Monty Oum (the creator of RWBY, where the song is from). The video showed several pieces of fanart dedicated to him, many of which showcased some great quotes, particularly the ever-simple "Keep moving forward". I respect Monty so much, and I want to achieve that level of love and reverence. My biggest fear is that I'll die and nobody will notice or care. I want to impact people I've never met. I want something I do to transcend my own life, so that someone may someday look at my life and go "I want to do that".

Mirror, Mirror got me for the same reasons as I am Octavia. It sings of Weiss Schnee's fear of hurting other people. She bottles her emotions so that she can "hide [her] from [her]". I experience the same fear at times, and I often want to seclude myself, thus leading to a loneliness even I don't enjoy. (Also mirroring the line "Mirror, mirror, tell me something: Who's the loneliest of all".)

Interesting of you to ask. Most folks don't care.

3608564 Well I've seen those videos a good few times before so I was curious if there was a newness that hit you, or perhaps the desire to cry was a deciding factor. Anyway, I'd consider you a friend enough to be concerned. :twilightsmile:

3609981 Awww! Thanks, Teen! It's always nice to wake up to one of you comments.

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