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Oh this sleepy little town, nearly ashes on the ground. I'll leave it all behind, even thoughts of you and I... So I tell you now; Goodbye :heart:

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New art/ Profile picture! (Warning: Gore-ish?) · 4:04pm Dec 9th, 2015

So my art-break turned out to be really short:rainbowlaugh: But meh, what can one do when creativity loves you?:rainbowwild:
This is possibly the first piece I've ever done that was fueled by anger. I don't want to go into details, but someone irl said some hurtful shit, and I turned the anger into art!:scootangel: But I had so much fun drawing this!

The name of this is "Fu*king evil" Because reasons that I'm not gonna sayyyyy:heart:
Also, I really have to comment teh background. The idea is that the sky is free and beautiful, with the moon and the stars glimmering like dreams. But that's not where we live. We live down on this bloody earth, that we make a horrible place. Conrasts, ya know?XD

I tried to make the person look like me, but faiiiiiiiled. Because drawing bangs is fun. Meanwhile, I would look terrible with them irl:raritydespair:

Also, if you're silly and bad at anatomy, the legs aren't that skinny, it's just that more than the half of them is covered by the cloak:moustache:

Whatcha think? :heart:

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Comments ( 12 )

Nice art piece:pinkiesmile: looks great, and slightly gory.

3605274 Thank you!:twilightsmile:
And omigosh, you changed your profile picture too! And it's awesome!:pinkiehappy:

No problem!
Wow, your the fourth person to compliment it, curious.:pinkiecrazy: But thank you so very much.:twilightsmile:

You know what? The first time I looked at this, I was focussed entirely on you. Now I'm looking at the sky properly, and it's really nicely done too.

3605301 Haha, well, you've had the other one for a really long time:rainbowlaugh:
And this one's really cool:twilightsmile:

3605308 Thanks, tried my best!:twilightsmile:

Yes I have, I don't usually change it, IDK why:rainbowlaugh:
But thanks again so much, it's an honor to have so many people like my new profile pic.

I love it!!!

It looks really beautiful. The background is absolutely perfect and I LOVE her clothes and hair.

3605377 Yay, happy to hear that:twilightsmile:

3605527 Thank you, happy you like it!:yay::twilightsmile:

3607395 It's wonderful. :raritystarry: :heart:

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