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Just a fic writer, looking at things from a bit of a different perspective sometimes .

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  • 274 weeks
    Just an update!

    Currently, reviewing all chapters for mistakes, one at a time. So if you see changes, 'twas me!

    Am getting them ready for self-publishing and could be a while. Getting those spelling errors and try to get the story straight from when I was writing so fast it was a jumble.

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  • 276 weeks
    Oh! And I forgot!

    Yes, to those wondering, I'm trying to figure out how to format all the stories to self-publish the chronicle of Legacy.

    I was surprised, very humbled and honored beyond all belief when some readers asked if I was planning to do so. Now, there is money coming in, I can plan on this.

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  • 276 weeks
    Let's try this again....

    Okay, I said I received the messages, yes. I did not say it would turn into something bad. A love scene? I did one in the story, nothing bad at all except a nicely short thing that let you know they loved each other. My definition of 'hot' is very different from a lot of folks.

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  • 276 weeks
    Messages Received :)

    Now, I'm an adult, lots of folks here are adults, we all ..blah blah blah blah. And that's over with.

    I have gotten, through private messages, or otherwise, requests for..shall we say..ohhhh..a 'steamy' story or two, or even a scene in the main story of Legacy itself.

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  • 277 weeks

    I have been hired onto a new job, and I'm excited! Plus scared. Trust me, traveling round the country laying fiber optic cable doens't sound bad, but it's a big change from what I was doing.

    I have not stopped writing, it's been a hard last few months, but I have a ton of chapters to update with!

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Howdy! · 8:14pm Dec 8th, 2015

My sincere apologies for being gone, but when offered work, I have to take it and drop everything I'm doing at the time. Which means, I am usually gone without a second thought for letting folks know, it's the vagaries of life today.

The story is not on hiatus, am transcribing the chapters I wrote while away, and the 100th chapter should be something special I think.

Give me a day or two, just that and I'll post it quick as I can. Non-edited, but it'll be there, so you guys can rant or rave, or even do both!

All my best to you and yours this holiday season too, so Happy Hearth's Warming to you all!


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Comments ( 27 )

Yay! Not dead as was feared by many! :pinkiecrazy:

Voice to text transcription?
Scan to text transcription?
Or is it even written on paper?

I hear you there, works been calling me in a lot in the last few weeks.

3603062 It was written in a notebook, under a very cold sky, by redlight flashlight, so I'm trying to decipher what the hell I even wrote on some pages :)

3602953 Not yet! But tired, wow :)

3603089 Yeah, it's hard, but at least I'm home for Hearth's Warming!

Had a feeling that life had interfered. Knew you would uphold the honor of the brigade.

3603588 Thank you sir, and a Happy Hearth's Warming to you!:twilightsmile:

yay, I knew you would come back, you're made of some stern stuff:moustache:
can't wait for the next chapter:twilightsmile:

3603661 Posting soon, but I warn you, bare and unedited, though I've been trying to tighten them a bit. So..hope you'll enjoy em either way :)

3603667 pah! unedited my arse, it'll be good anyways

3603685 Thanks for the vote of confidence, I appreciate it :)

3603737 Those were awesome, thank you!

you are welcome.
that's my raving for you.

Raving, you say...? (loud :rainbowlaugh:)

Happy Holidays, NFire! :twilightsmile:

NFire! Its good to hear from you :)

3604216 The same to you! Hope your Hearth's Warming is wonderful!:twilightsmile:

3604266 Thank you, my apologies for the disappearing act, but work calls, I go :) Hope your holidays are going great!:pinkiesmile:

That's life can't do much other than simply rolling with the blows. I'll just keep bothering you with PMs of those things you love so much to check up on you! =D

3605379 You're a sad, sad trolling individual Clone, never change man :rainbowlaugh:

3603162 Glad to see you still draw breath old friend. We're all eager for new chapters, but are willing to wait until ChristmasHearthswarming Day to receive the present of new chapters... :twilightsmile:

...but if you want to give them to us now we'll take 'em! :twilightsheepish:

3607428 Oh not that long, give me one or two more days and I'm posting. Editing or no, they're going up! :pinkiehappy:

3607447 Very kind, but it's still nice to have something on Christmas to look forward to. You might want to hold off on posting the last of the chapters you wrote until then. It'd make an excellent present if you ask me.

3607468 Oh there'll be more, trust me, got the rest of the season to go through :)

3607609 Just hope we get a Hearth's Warming episode full of fluff that doesn't do squat to move the story along...

...maybe Crusader tagging along with the Apple Family & seeing the Rock Farm... :applejackconfused: :pinkiehappy:

3608358 Actually, fifth season screwed the timeline over, things got really out of place, so what I've done is a timeline, restored it, so you'll have some extra stuff in there. The Hearth's Warming I've got is not the episode, that'll come too, so you get two for the price of one :)


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