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Happy Holidays (including Hearthswarming) · 6:28am Dec 8th, 2015

Hi there, everyone; Fireflower has officially come back as usual this time with another announcement for you all.

First off, I would like to take the time to say thank you for sticking with me to 2015 and reading my stories on this website; suffice to say, I will extend my thanks and gratitude towards those who have been following me from the very start: as such, if it were not with these factors, they my works would've all been fallen on the waysides of obscurity.

Back on target, I'd just started another big story, War Orphans' Wishes earlier this week: for those of you who have been keeping track, it's the sequel to my first biggest story, Ocular Spectral Therapy, a fanfic based on the vignettes of Applejack's life around the timeframe of the war; anyways, this will center around seven females who have grown up in the war which I will be writing about as much as possible.

As always, I have made it in one piece to see yet another year come by and now would be the time that you all here would be asking me what will I come up with next: well as of yet, the first story collaboration with my colleague, Dark Colt Sabata (which I'm thinking about rewriting as soon as it's finished) is on the verge of being finished as soon as possible; let's hope I end it on the same year as I had started it on.

Well, I wish I could tell you more about what's to come in the later period but right now, I gotta go get myself some sleep out there; however, if you want to, then feel free to check out one of my clopfics such as The Tome of Erotic Fantasies so in the meantime, I leave with this: 'til then, thank you all and see ya guys later...!

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