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    prerequisite attention-grabber image

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    Anyone at PAX West?

    Friend had a spare Friday pass, so hey, why not?

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Oh hey I almost forgot that people read ponyfics on the youtubes! Audio Therapy just got one from ScarlettBlade, and it's pretty good!

Just checked it out: couple stumbles in the first couple minutes, but after that it's smoooooth sailing. I like it! :pinkiehappy: Give it a listen, and enjoy!


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Comments ( 7 )

Wow... I wish my stories could get read dramatically, especially my latest one; Shadowed Bolts...

Nice! I wish I had the talent to have someone do a dramatic reading of something I wrote, but I'm nowhere near that level yet. Anyway, it's nice to see your Lemon Zest and Vinyl Scratch story get more appreciation. It was a fun, cute story. :pinkiesmile:

Congrats on getting the great reading for your awesome story! :twilightsmile:

Oh awesome! I'll have to check that out once I read 'n' review the story myself.
No compliment quite like a good reading, eh? <3

I'm getting a hilarious error with your post in my feed. When it shows up on the feed page, instead of loading the video you posted, it shows this one instead, for no reason. And only when reading the post from the feed, not on the actual page:


That's a fimfic/youtube thing. Sometimes both join forces to get videos mixed up. :D

3601859 How can I request him to do a reading of my stories?

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