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Well the "X Masturbates" trend is catching on now. · 3:12am Dec 7th, 2015

Mmmh idk. At least it's not as obnoxious as past trend stories, but is it worth writing or reading one? Well as far as I know, most of them are averaging 1k words per story so they're a fairly quick read. However in terms of measuring it's quality, it doesn't quite stack up with most clop fics. When you read more and more of these fics, you'll start seeing more of the same stuff and it ain't quite as engaging. More or less the quality depends more heavily on the writer's quality and style rather than the raw concept and idea behind the Masturbation fics (which is reading a pony doing the nasty solo).

Overall, it's kinda meh.

Am I going to write one? Well... I have done clop before but that was for Overlord-Flinx's collab story. I think it'll fairly be a quick one too. The real question is who I'm going to pick.

EDIT: For really tho, I'm probably not going to. At least not any time soon.

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i've written a blog about my dislike of these "X Masturbates" fics. how different can they be, really?

3598901 The thing is tho that they really ain't. More or less it is just a trend catching on. It isn't any different from what the LoHAV or Pokemon in Equestria stories are trying to accomplish, which is trying to cash in on the wagon by hopping in.


bandwagoning i can understand to a certain degree, as in stories based on the latest episode or movie. they are to be expected.

but there's no excuse for copycat cookie cutter clop. and at just a 1000 words are they that good?

3598931 Honestly they're not very great. The way that erotica works is that they stimulate your mind and the best way they can do that is have build up, which can obviously take a while. These solo masturbation fics aren't great because they're super short and thus don't give you enough time to really immerse in the reading.

I want to hop on the bandwagon too but I gotta get the stuff I owe you done first.

3601297 still working on the wikia?

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