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Uuuum...so...er...there's this commercial that may be poking fun at MLP...somehow... · 9:52pm Dec 6th, 2015

Actually, scratch the title. With your fingers. Or backscratchers.

I don't think this is related to MLP at all.

I mean Rainbow Dash's feces taste nothing like cookies and cream.



Stop looking at me like that. And quit making those retching noises, it sounds like you're gonna be sick.

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Comment posted by Ardent Dusk deleted Dec 6th, 2015

3598112 I consider that payback for that dick move you pulled with the funeral blog then.

Now we can be friends again.

3598169 I pull alot of dick moves actually. Still want that slow motion puppy?

Clicky Click God this is adorable..

3598172 Markiplier, you son of a bitch. D

God I love that guy...


Wait, what?

3598208 I have a soft spot for animals :P (Is not subbed to Markiplier)

3598229 (Gasps in shock you're not subbed) XD

3598241 Eh, its just youtube.

Wat fuk

...well... that's one way to sell your product.

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