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The fandom · 8:30pm Dec 6th, 2015

Hi everyone,
Today I thought about the fandom and the show and I realized something: even after all the years I’m still proud to be a member of this fandom and I still love the show and the fandom. I know that over the time people left the fandom because they started to hate it, haters attack us or called us names and, from time to time, even the media is against us. However, I couldn't care less about all that:derpytongue2:
Since I joined the fandom in 2011 I feel like I found a place where I belong to. I found new friends, I became more confident, I laughed and cried and I find a way to create fanfics to make other fans happy with them. Sure, I may have a writer’s block and didn’t write for a long time, but that doesn’t mean I lost my creativity or the wish to write:twilightsheepish:

Moreover, unlike other fandoms I know, bronies still start events to help others like “bronies for good” although there is hate against us. However the fandom doesn’t care about this hate and neither I do. MLP:FiM and our fandom gave me so much and I’ll try to find a way to show how grateful I am. Maybe with my fanfics or maybe with a different way, but I’ll find a good way:raritywink:

Yes, sooner or later there won’t be new episodes or movies of “Friendship is Magic” and yes, I actually fear that day, but that doesn’t mean that the fandom will die. May it be in 10 or 20 years, I’ll still remember the time and all the fun I had and I’ll try to be a part of the fandom as long as possible:yay:
Thank you all for the wonderful time in our little fandom

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