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I am a professional writer, artist, musician, website builder, and app developer. I have a Tip Jar for those who might be interested.

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  • 2 weeks
    I'm Basically Indiana Jones Now

    I'm Basically Indiana Jones Now

    Well I wasn't eaten by space monkeys, in case anyone was wondering.

    I run a local space in a store with my mom and we sell things up at the swap meet at our second location on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

    We sell antiques, vintage items, and collectibles and also rare antiquities that we sometimes come across and sell to art galleries or museums.

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    Join Pony Project 156

    Join Pony Project 156

    I'm sharing this post for @Infiniteer#2556 on Discord who is looking for a wide variety of people with different talents to join his project to continue generation 4 of MLP in a fun and unique way.

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  • 16 weeks
    My Friend Wrote A Story And Wants Feedback

    Hello everyone.

    One of my friends on here wrote a story and wants some feedback.

    Here is the link to the story: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/490784/lets-save-the-special-education-class

    Feel free to give it a read and leave a comment. She would appreciate both.

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  • 24 weeks
    My Original Art: Homemade Bath Bombs

    My Original Art: Homemade Bath Bombs

    I made homemade bath bombs.

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  • 28 weeks
    My Original Art: Pond And Garden Landscape

    My Original Art: Pond And Garden Landscape

    I did a sketch of a pond and a garden landscape.

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My Totally Serious Entry Into The Cute War · 3:57am Dec 6th, 2015

My Totally Serious Entry Into The Cute War:

Well, here is my totally serious entry into The Cute War. Yep, it is meant to be the most serious entry you have seen today. Nothing fishy is going on here. Nope. Nuh uh. Nada.

So I humbly enter my cute face.

What did I tell you? It's a perfectly legit entry. I knew I could win you over.

So now you can all vote for...eh...wait...who are we supposed to vote for again?

Well my vote goes to Pinky and the Brain for the 2016 election year.

There. I feel as though something great has been accomplished today.

I for one welcome out mousy overlords.

It's one small step for mice everywhere.

By the way, The Cute War has a group now apparently.

Join it here: https://www.fimfiction.net/group/209505/cute-war-group

Comments ( 28 )

Fuckin' Hell, I've started a trend! XD

:rainbowlaugh: It's perfect!

3596482 Yes you have. Although my blog post was mainly made as a joke. :P

3596492 I'm glad that you approve of my entry into this battle of cuteness and sheer determination to win. :raritywink:

Hehe, I like mice. Just ask my mouse ninja, she'll tell you just how much I like mice.

3596506 I'm glad to hear that there are more supporters for the mousy cause. :moustache:

3596510 Yeah, just ask Moustafa, he's a good friend of mine too.

3596513 He certainly has an awesome name. ;) Very fitting for a mouse.

3596521 Indeed, he is the protector of some ancient ruins.

3596534 So he is a guardian type of character? Nice.

3596542 Oooo nice. I love the design.

3596545 It's very similar to my mouse ninja's design.

3596548 That's a good one too. It's always good to see stories with other sentient animals than just ponies. :)

3596552 Oh boy do the stories I've mentioned have lots of sentient animals that aren't ponies. Penguins, mushrooms, dragons, humans, mice, turtles, and etc.

3596557 That's really awesome. I am happy to hear it. ;)

3596566 The name of the stories is, Mario Story (Nah I'm just kiddin' ya', it's paper mario)

I think you are adorable, and I am going to Hell for comparing you to a lamprey.

3596573 The Paper Mario games are a lot of fun.

3596675 lol Actually, I do kind of look like a lamprey in this picture. You make a very good point.

3597032 I'm playing one right now actually :twilightsmile: They are a lot of fun.

3597314 The Luigi's Mansion games are also a lot of fun.

3597330 I personally love the first Luigi's Mansion game, it's so fun to play sometimes. I've beaten it four times, because of how fun it is. The big thing I've never done, is get golden portraits of every ghost, I'm looking at you King Boo! Although I have beat the game with loads of cash, I haven't really 100%'d it.

3597337 Yeah, that is my favorite one as well. Mario Sunshine is pretty fun too.

3597345 Yeah it was, I loved that game a lot.

3597356 You've got to love the Mario games. And also the Sonic games too. ;)

3597382 Yeah, I especially like that one sonic game with metal sonic.

3597388 Metal Sonic is awesome.

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