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The magics of Equestria (magic theory post) · 3:43am Dec 5th, 2015

Some of you may know that I am Pagan, and psychic. I do quite a lot of spirit-work, and may post things on my off-site blog which are channelings from various spirits and gods. This is one which Epona asked me to channel, and I believe it may be useful for reference here. Dream Equestria is Epona's personal "zone" or "realm" in spirit, one which she says many pony fans have passed through in dreams or imagination (I believe her, having spotted a few in my own spirit journeys there). This post is about that realm, but may be useful for fanfiction as well. It is something ponies at Celestia's School for the Gifted might learn in Magic Theory classes.

The magics of Equestria

In Equestria, magic is based on various characteristics of a pony. These characteristics are physical, mental, and magical. Since each type of pony uses magic a little differently, the methods may vary for accessing these magics; that said, the energies themselves require certain sacrifices or costs from the wielder.

The characteristics used are:
* Strength (muscle or endurance) - These magics are often used to manipulate material and structural characteristics of something, including space itself (as in teleportation).
* Manipulation (physical or mental) - These magics require physical or mental dexterity, and are good for fine manipulation or advanced patterns, such as mass telekinesis.
* Will (strength or force of personality) - These magics are about domination or direction. They include manifestation of physical things as well as commanding a behavior.
* Magic (empowerment/flow or patterning) - These magics may involve amplification or alteration of the magic of oneself or another. They also often involve a spirit-world component. One example would be a Come To Life spell without a Will-based ruleset.
* Ritual - These magics are external to oneself, and are typically used in place of a mage who specializes in something a pony needs done. Ritual magics always require reagents, materials that supply or supplement the energies or materials involved in a spell, and components, which are items or patterns that channel or direct the magic during the rite. Cutie mark magic never needs these, a boon of the land and Epona.

Herewith find a brief spell list. This does not include all spells or magics known in Equestria, but is a small sample of common and uncommon powers.

* Teleport
* Construction
* Telekinesis (force use)
* Force bolt

* Lock-opening
* Piercing bolt
* Empathic aura (projective field of energy, "colored" with a feeling or directive)
* Telekinesis (fine work)

* Shield/armor
* Mind control
* Magic weapon (pure magic)
* Telekinesis (opposed action)

* Direction-finding
* Make permanent (causes a temporary spell to endure, feeding off a supply of energies and/or reagents for its fuel)
* Expand magic (causes an expansion of some aspect of a spell or ability, such as distance or strength of effect, separate from the other characteristics that would usually power the spell)
* Come to life (causes an object or pattern to take on life-like behaviors, such as moving on its own; usually paired with mind control to give it rules to follow)
* Combine magic (allows one to combine several effects in one spell; often needs good manipulation ability to add more than a few effects together)

Ritual magic may replicate nearly any other spell, depending on the effect necessary. Potions are not able to imbue all kind of magic, however, but may activate latent abilities or impart a temporary effect upon the user. Most rituals have a written or scribed pattern which can activate them (as in a scroll or inscribed mirror), and every ritual (except a very few) can be performed in the world to gain the results (be sure to place the target object or person inside the magic circle, or otherwise be sure of your target by the time the spell fires off).

Notes on reagents and components:
* Reagents are required for any strength-based spell which alters a physical structure, but not for space-bending spells. They are ALWAYS required for destructive magic.
* Components are only sometimes required, usually for patterned magic. They are always required for permanent magic, in the form of a phylactery, an object to which a spell or effect is bound.

Notes on dispelling or canceling magic:
* If you wish to end a spell, this can be of any of the methods; one might break a magic pattern (strength or will) or insert a command that ends it (manipulation or magic), or remove its sources of energy (strength, will, magic). Removing necessary reagents will not necessarily end a spell or ongoing ritual, as some will drain their environment of the required materials. This happens most often with spells bound to gems or wands, which will eat away their phylactery until it breaks or disintegrates, causing all magics inside to also fall apart.
* If you wish to suppress magic, you can use will to dampen it, or magic manipulation to alter its field of effect. Dampening usually requires strength to counter the field with force, while magic requires manipulation (as noted above).
* If you wish to cancel an inherent magic (one which is part of a pony or other person, or some object or herb or whatnot), you must be able to suppress the spirit in the area where this magic is activated, powered, or directed. This is not easy, and requires a deep understanding of magic and spirit. A few types of person carry this sort of ability, typically those who are already insightful or sensitive to energies.

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