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    Now that Deadpool in Equestria is over, and I'll be working of writing for my other fics, it's about time where you can ask me any question you have in mind... just as long as it isn't NSFW.

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    Open Smite invitations

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    FUCKING SCAMMED FROM SOME INDIAN FUCKERS!!! Got a call earlier today and was told by some Indian guy that I was under federal investigation for drug trafficking and money laundering in Texas, making me quite nervous. They told me that because I'm under investigation, then my bank, USAA, will stop all of my money privileges until they make me a new Social security number! And like a God damn

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Story ideas: · 7:36pm Dec 4th, 2015

Okay guys, I'll be busy with some College stuff right now, so I won't make new chapters to anything really. Another one will come, but for now, I'm busy getting my grades up. Though, here's some ideas for tales that I'd like to do, but may not do for a while. So have fun with these ideas I'm throwing out!

Tags: Adventure, Alternate Universe, Dark, Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi
Characters: Shining Armor, Princess Cadence, Other/O.C.

In an industrialized Crystal Empire, Shining Armor investigates at a location where rumors circulate it, saying that some ponies are trying to bring the old Tyrant, King Sombra, back to life. What instead happens is tragic: he's killed by the group. Cadence uses all her money & power to have scientists bring her husband back to life, but instead, turn him into the baddest mother fucker of all time: Robo-Guard! Half Pony, Half Machine, all justice! But when the changed Shining Armor starts to regain his memory, and Princess Cadence is abducted by the same group that killed him with their unborn foal, he will do whatever's necessary to save his life, Equestria, and get his revenge!

The Mare-Trix
Tags: Adventure, Alternate Universe, Dark, Sci-Fi
Characters: Twilight Sparkle, Queen Chrysaliss, King Sombra, Tirek, Celestia.

After being kidnapped by all that Twilight & her friends fought against, Twilight discovers that all that she knew was a lie. Everypony she knows are all connected to a computer system and the ones she's been battling against are actually trying to save them from their prison. Twilight must then learn to forget all that she has learned and save everypony from what she thought was her home, the Mare-Trix.

The Manetastic 4
Tags: Adventure, Alternate universe, Sci-Fi, Comedy,
Characters: Mr. Cake, Mrs. Cake, Pinkie Pie, Maud Pie, King Sombra.

The first four ponies in space had a terrible accident. Mr. Cake & Mrs. Cake, the scientific married couple, Pinkie Pie, their close friend & assistant around the lab, and Maud, Pinkie's sister, have came back with strange abilities. Mr. Cake can stretch his body to unimaginable lengths with it acting as rubber, Mrs. Cake can become invisible & create force fields, Pinkie Pie is able to turn herself on fire & fly around freely, and Maud... she's a rock-pony thing... and she loves it. Meanwhile, King Sombra plans his attack on Equestria with his army of Dark-Bots in his Crystal Empire.

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do robo guard,

3592382 You can do it if you want, I've already got stuff I'm working on AND college.

3592387 Not good at writing.

3592393 Neither was I. Just look at the first chapters of D.i.E.

3592393 If it helps, I can be your editor. No charge at all, and hey, it helps if you have an experienced person give you advice.

3592422 I dont know how to upload eather.

3596143 easy: click on the left box (The three lines on the top left), click your username, stories, and new story. Type in the title, the short description, followed by the long description (optionally, though it has to be longer than the short) and click on the characters that are the MANE characters (bad pun). If you want me to be your editor, type in a password and send it to me so I can help. Click "Create story", view it, and make the First chapter. It has to be at least 1000 words, but submit it and wait. If they don't accept it, saying it's illegible, don't quit, but read what it says and fix the stuff. After that, GO CRAZY!!!

3596869 Yeah, it's easier to do than explain. Who knows, perhaps you could make sequels that triumph over the originals. Also, just an add on, let Shining Armor/ Robo-Guard walk & run; This is the only thing from the god awful reboot that works.

3597580 Taking into mind that in scool I have troble answering a question in more than one word I dubt it. And abaut the reboot. I liked it.



Though I'm sure, with some work and agreements, we can have the perfect balance between the old & the new, to make Shining Armor the best Cyborg guard of both worlds.
Plus, just for laughs, let's have our O.C.s as the main scientists! (One for the more flesh while the other for the robotics.)

3597679 they did obiosly not like it. I did. So what?

3597926 There's many things that people know but never talk on. It's a mass majority thing that I agree on where when a studio tries to reboot something, we the people will examine closely on what they do is either something just as good (though rarely, better) or if it's just a cash grab for your nostalgia.
Bad reboot examples:
-Total Recall
-Nightmare on Elm Street.
Good Reboot examples:
-The Dark Knight trilogy
-Evil Dead
-Mad Max: Fury Road (though a sequelto the Mel Gibson's Movies, most believe it as a reboot on it's own)

Sorry, but people are judgemental

3598155 You tell me. In the devil may cry group there are one guy that seems to spend his free time constantly looking up the DMC reboot and then complain that it comes up in his youtube feed.

3598212 Multiple people saw the reboot look and tried it. The result was a meh game that, though played like the DMC games, wasn't as cheered thanks to their dumb decision to alter Dante's look by a LOT. The result is a cancelled sequel and another reboot that we'll get in the next few years, hopefully, with a new Dante that respect it's source but changes what needs to be changed.

3598317 honestly. I think that even if all they did was change his hair color and kept everything else they whold still be just as mad.

3598363 Probably the looks, but Donte has nothing of the original.

3598419 apologies. Autocorrecting phone.

3598448 I forgive you. many do that mistake. Do you like puns?

3598511 occasionally. I can be a punny guy

3599208 who's there?

3600227 Dishes a bad joke.

3600871 that's not nice to say.

3600879 you said the joke was bad.

3600923 so~ ready to work on Robo-Guard? This will be the time where I'll allow some of the new Robo-Cop stuff to enter, since this is Shining Armor and is a bit different from both source materials.

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