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Anthro pony art... in bikinis · 5:50am Dec 3rd, 2015

Whelp, after asking a few folk, I might as well take up on one of my readers suggestions. Enjoy some of my ocs in an anthro form, or plot my demise. Hopefully the former. I really hope I don't end up regretting this.
Aether Aura

Sapphire Rain

Stellar Flux

Art done by senseidezzy

Report Silvak · 2,152 views · Story: Astral Aegis ·
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Comments ( 52 )

You should name each picture.

Sorry. DOn't know the name of that last one because.

3588937 She looks way too cute to be killing slimes all the time.

Is it wrong that I find the anthro Aether surprisingly hot? I assume that she is aged up in the pic, because boobs.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

Oh my Luna! Your girls are very hot and sexy like this.:raritywink: I'd love to see more like this, and heck could you maybe find a way to get and anthro form in your story? Could be a spell backfire or something.

I notice that you only have Unicorn OCs... Are you a tribalist?!?

3588959 No, I have a pegasus oc designed and one that is semi-earth pony (long story).

I believe Sapphire is my new favorite..... period :)

If Aether is real, she would tase you for that.

Meh....not big on anthro.

Demise plotted aether doesn't look good as an anthro

3588959 Earth pones r superior

Oh gods Aether is going to kill me for thinking what I'm thinking.

cant view them :(

I'm pretty sure, that Aether would rather die than be in a bikini.

3588953 Can we see this happen please? XD

3589052 Or even - break out the electric chair! :pinkiegasp:

On one hand, this is really good art. On another, Aether would pop a blood vessel if she ever saw something like this. And on a dark, hidden, hand...Aether seems more like she'd be Tsun.

But still, really nice art.

3589513 I don't know. I'm kind of hoping she starts to be more accepting of her new found femininity (so long as she keeps the attitude), so maybe by the time she gets this age she'll be okay with it.

3589641 yaa she could be after a decade of being female, otherwise she would blow a gasket if she had to wear a bikini.

3589513 yup most definitely a tsun when it comes to Aether.

3589649 I doubt it, even as she is now. With things like that, she doesn't really care about either way. She might ask why she had to, but she'd probably just roll her eyes and do it it anyway. Now, if guys started oogling her (in the manner many of us are now), then she'd blow.

I'd like to see a magic spell backfiring and all of the mane 6 and aether ending up anthro. That would be quite funny to read.

3592796 Fine fine, cause I could :rainbowlaugh:
Besides, I also want to see some folks reactions to that.

3592837 you do realize because of this, that people want to see (myself included) Aether some how becoming antrho for a termporary or permament amount of time? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!

3593273 Yeah... I'm not going to have that happen in the main story line. And it's called me being evil! :trollestia:

3593328 Idk, people can ask me if they want to do that themselves.

3593356 Would do it myself but I'm not the best writer.

3593356 I just remebered this... Aether's whole puberty thing has kinda gone under the bridge for awhile....

Well, seeing as you're the writer and I'm just proofreading, I'm sure you know how jarringly out of character Aether posing in a bikini is...

3595144 Unless she's doing it to taunt someone with the fact that they won't be 'tapping' her, ever.

Not going to lie. I imagined an anthro version of aether would be a bit more... well, pudgy, y'know?

I would think she would look more like a MMA fighter, I know she eats a lot of chocolate but she still runs with her troops.

3588941 No it's not wrong (because they do look very nice), but I hope Aether's aged up because from what I recall she only recently hit puberty in the story and I'm pretty sure that girls don't get that huge in the span of a year or less without injections.

3588941 like I said I assume aether is aged up because boobs.

Comment posted by CommodoreGalland deleted Mar 9th, 2016

Aether... Is smiling. That scares the shit out'a me imgflip.com/s/meme/Scared-Cat.jpg

What I'm wondering is: Did you ask those characters for permission to be drawn?:duck: Think about it, they're all Government officials; one with anger issues, one who trolls epicly, one who has complete mastery over any liquid. You be screwed if they caught you drawing them like this without consent:pinkiegasp:

Better be on their good side:twilightsmile:

... you don’t even know who Stellar Flux is.

Stelllar.... F**k, I thought she was Nebula!:facehoof: STUPID BRAIN!!!:flutterrage:

Anyway, who's Stellar? My brain short circuited... Y'know, because they look stellar!:coolphoto: Wasn't she... one of the characters out of Cosmic rift? IDK, she may be the later part of the Midnight Mayhem I haven't... Oops, I mean Menstrual Mayhem... That's not it!:facehoof: Nocturnal Mayhem? IDK, It's the only fic I haven't mostly read or remember atop of my head

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