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  • 119 weeks
    Shifting covers for shifting sands

    Many of you may be wondering what is taking so long for the next update. Sadly, life causes all kinds of interruptions. I was recently hired to work at a location some sixty miles from where I currently reside, and thus travel and work have taken a huge bite out of the time I have available to do fun things like write and game.

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    1 comments · 205 views
  • 126 weeks
    Starlight's Shifting Sands status update

    I know this story is one that a good number of people have been enjoying so far, and I want to assuage any panic immediately due to the long break since the most recent chapter: this story will be continuing soon.

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  • 165 weeks
    This is the fifth time my computer has failed to save this chapter...

    I'm getting quite sick of this happening. Sorry about the absolutely massive delay.

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  • 170 weeks
    New delays

    I do once again apologize for the lack of timely updates. Part of this has to do with the recent heat wave weather sapping all of my energy in my free time.

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  • 172 weeks
    Future plans...

    So, in addition to my plans for each independent sapient race to have a zerg hive corruption event (ponies count as one race regardless of subtype) I have ambitious plans to introduce transformers elements as another factor of setting mythos, and I'm going to start BIG with 'Five Ancient Colossi:'

    The Iron Bulette. (Rippersnapper)
    The Bone Roc. (Cutthroat)
    The Gold Orthos. (Sinnertwin)

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One month warning! · 2:10pm Dec 2nd, 2015

In one month I will be removing the outdated chapters of this story in order to properly present the current continuity. Some chapters WILL be reappearing later on, but this is the only warning you have to download what's there now if you want to save it for yourself.

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