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Two new story ideas up for grabs! · 1:32pm Dec 2nd, 2015

Here's two new ideas based on the Season 5 Finale!

Title: A Twist in Time

Main Characters: Twilight Sparkle, the Mane Six, Spike, Starlight Glimmer.

Genre: Dark, Adventure, Alternate Universe.


Twilight attacks Starlight right as she stops Rainbow Dash from performing her first Sonic Rainboom, sending them both flying into the portal, due to her interference several alternate timelines stemmed from that one event not happening end up converging upon one another and co-existing in the same reality as a result:

Chrysalis has dominated Los Pegasus as well as Whitetail Wood and has moved on to attempting to invade Ponyville.

Nightmare Moon rules Ponyville from the Everfree Forest, she also hold control over the Badlands, and Baltimare.

Sombra holds the most control over the Frozen North and several smaller areas across Equestria including Vanhoover and Manehatten.

Celestia is still in control of Canterlot, Cloudsdale, Fillydelphia, and a small portion of Ponyville (without her sister knowing). But her army is just barely holding off the opposing forces.

Trapped in this new timeline with no way back, she and Spike must find a way to bring peace and harmony to this war-torn world, but what’s happened to their friends in this world? And what happened to Starlight Glimmer?

Title: Shattered Reality

Main Characters: Twilight Sparkle, Sunset Shimmer, The Humane Five, the Mane Six, Spike, Starlight Glimmer, the Shadowbolts

Genre: Dark, Adventure, Alternate Universe.

Canonical Placement:

MLP: During the Beginning of "The Cutie Remark".

EQG: During the climax of "Friendship Games".


Starlight Glimmer alters the timeline at the exact same time Midnight Sparkle goes on a rampage and starts opening portals to Equestria. As a result it sets off a cataclysmic chain reaction, opening three portals to different timelines which proceed to suck her friends in along will the Shadowbolts! Daydream Shimmer blasts Midnight Sparkle into one of the portals before flying into one of the portals!

They each find themselves in an alternate version of Equestria, each one run by a powerful tyrannical ruler:

Fluttershy & Sunset Shimmer:

A timeline where King Sombra returned, and with The Crystal Empire under his command is currently at war with Celestia's forces for total dominion over Equestria.

Applejack & Rainbow Dash:

A timeline where the Queen Chrysalis and her Changelings have dominated most of Equestria, only a few small civilizations remain.

Rarity, & Pinkie Pie:

A timeline where Nightmare Moon has taken over completely and the Night is Eternal, all must serve her, or else...

Sunset Shimmer meets up with Twilight and Spike just as they arrive in Sombra’s timeline, after filling each other in on what’s happened in their respective worlds and quickly decide to team up and find their missing friends...while also stopping the evil forces plaguing the timelines.

Meanwhile, Midnight Sparkle has started gathered up the Shadowbolts and plans to take each timeline for her own! But what will happen when the evil forces discover the existence of these other timelines? And what happened to Starlight Glimmer?

In either of these are too your liking, don't hesitate to PM me!

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