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Plugs and my progress in National Pony Writing Month · 3:51am Dec 1st, 2015

I’ll start with the plug links, because they’re easiest. I’d like to thank Paul Asaran for the review he did for The One Who Got Away and for all of the reviews he does on his blog. Go check them out.

Second, Skywriter has released another story in the Cadance of Cloudsdale series, called Spa and Order. They’re all fantastic, go read them. (And I love it that he has cover art from my favorite artist, Andy Price. Squee!)

Quick note: AugieDog’s story in Marion Zimmerman Bradley’s Sword and Sorceress Anthology 30 is ready to purchase. It involves the latest adventures of Cluny, the Sorceress Squirrel, so get your credit cards out.

Now, for author recommendations, how well I managed to do in the National Pony Writing Month of November, and a brief glimpse at my newest story under construction:

19,550 Buggy and the Beast
500 current writeoff
2,300 My Niece, The Star
19,871 Royal Exam
4,000 Flim, Flam, and the Little Lost Apple Scam
4,900 Seven Brides for Seven Changelings
5,300 Twinkle, Twinkle, Speaker to Dragons
4,700 On The Natural Rise And Fall of Celestial Bodies

61,121 (more or less)

That’s… a lot better than I thought.

I’ll leave you with a thought and a sample bit out of Flim, Flam and the Little Lost Apple Scam.

The thought: Somebody new to writing has just joined Fimfiction.net. What groups should they join and which authors should they follow? My first thought was the Writer’s group, The Proofreader Group, Twilight’s Library, The Lunaverse and for authors(in no particular order and probably missing a dozen+): Bad Horse, PresentPerfect, Estee, Eakin, Alicorn Priest (vastly underrated), Bradel, Winston, Admiral Biscuit, PaulAsaran, Skywriter(of course), Ocalhoun, The Descendant, Pen Mightier, Pineta, RealityCheck(Hey, he’s fun), Jake The Army Guy, Hoopy McGee, Mylittleeconomy, Carabas(worldbuilding ++), vren55, Archonix, Foals Errand, Meme-asaurus, Cold in Gardez, GaPJaxie, Ponydora Prancypants, GhostOfHeraclitus, Horizon, Neighrator Pony(amazing readings), AugieDog, and so many more.

You know, I didn’t realize how deep the bench is here in Fimfiction until I started trying to pick out that list. I have intentionally left out one spectacular author, so if you’re reading this, and you don’t see your name, you’re it. Make sure to add your name to the comments so others can bask in your glory.

Now, for the bit out of my new story I’m working on.

Flim, Flam, and the Little Lost Apple Scam
Bad Seeds

An apple orchard approaching harvest was a thing of inestimable beauty, holding in it the potential for more than simply an endless line of apple baskets. It was the world of Equestria providing food and pleasure to all creatures under the sun. It brought family together, working shoulder to shoulder from before dawn until after the moon had risen. It meant lines of friends thirsting for delicious cider, while other friends helped out with the process. Some of the lessons that the orchard had taught Applejack had taken a long time to soak into her hard head, and she suspected that many others were still percolating down through the dense layers of her skull. The orchard had taught her about loss, when parents are taken away long before their appointed time, and of the joy of seeing a little baby sister look up into her eyes with an expression of pure love. It had given her many long lessons of patience as tree after tree had yielded their fruit to her labor, and lessons of tolerance as the various fruit bats who lived quietly in their own little corner of the farm could attest.

And most of all, it had taught her the lesson of never trusting a pair of scamming yellow unicorns, no matter what kind of hooey they were spouting today.

The two unicorns in question were presently walking down the long shaded lane leading to Sweet Apple Acres with a small cart being towed behind Flim or Flam, whichever of them had the drooping red mustache. Undoubtedly, there was something illegal or immoral inside, probably both, and Applejack moved out of the barn where she had been checking the empty basket inventory before dinner to cut them off before they got to the farmhouse.

Granny may have made friends with these two crooks last year, but they’re still crooks.

“What’re you two doin’ here?” barked Applejack as she set her hooves in the middle of the lane. “We don’t want none of what’er yer sellin’.”

“Friend Applejack!” Flam fairly beamed at her with a broad smile beneath his smarmy mustache.

“How good to see you on this wonderful day,” said Flim, doffing his hat and kicking sideways a little at his brother’s shin.

“Pardon me, my good mare,” said Flam, doffing his straw boater hat to Applejack. “It has been a long trip, and my manners escaped me for a moment.”

“Well, you can keep your manners and whatever else you’ve got in that wagon and just keep on trotting down the road,” snapped Applejack. It did not get the response she expected. Both of the slimy salesponies paused and gave each other sideways glances as if they were daring the other to go first.

“Beautiful mare,” started Flim, although he stopped cold after looked into Applejack’s narrowed eyes.

“Young mare,” began Flam, although he too stopped as Applejack turned to glare at him.

“Could we possibly talk to your grandmother?” asked Flim. “Please?”

* *

Applejack did not relax her guard one iota and made the two uncomfortable stallions remain standing in the dusty lane in front of the house while she went inside and got Granny. The old mare was just as feisty as always, hobbling with her walker over to where the stallions had pulled their wagon under the nearby apple tree. It seemed a little odd, as they had to travel a fair distance away from the house to park, but the shade was welcome on the hot afternoon, as well as the pitcher of iced apple juice that Granny insisted she bring along.

“What kinda mischief you two scoundrels planning on that you want to drag an old mare into, huh? You want a cookie with that juice, youngster?”

Flim looked at the plate of cinnamon-raisin cookies being passed to him and took one off the top of the stack. “Thank you, Granny Smith.”

“Indeed,” agreed Flam, who had his own glass and two cookies in addition. “I knew you would not be one to turn away family from your door, unlike your granddaughter.”

“Family!?” Applejack snorted and waved a hoof. “You two is no more kin to us than that wagon!”

“I beg your pardon,” said Flim, holding a hoof across his chest. “That is no way to speak to your second cousins, once removed by marriage.”

“Your great-grandmother Maltese Orange is our great-granny too,” said Flam. “Shocked us to our seeds when we looked up our family orange tree and found an apple or twelve.”

“Could we really be related to Pinkie Pie?” asked Flim, although after a firm glance from Flam, cleared his throat and continued, “I mean, my brother and I seem to have found ourselves in a pickle, so to speak, and we are in need of assistance.”

“The kind of help that only a family can provide,” said Flam.

“Ah ain’t helpin’ you with none of your schemes,” said Applejack with a fierce scowl. “Jes pack up yer wagon and haul it outa here afore ah kick your worthless—”

“Applejack Jackquilyn Apple,” snapped Granny Smith. “You be polite to these worthless scoundrels or I’ll take a switch to your hide. Now, what kinda help was it you two low-lives need, other than a place to hide out between schemes?”

The sounds of a small foal sniffing and a small cry came from the wagon, and Flim reached inside it with his magic in order to float out a small bundle of cloth. Inside, a tiny unicorn foal blinked in the sunlight, waving little golden-brown hooves with an adorable squint that only showed a few tiny glimpses of the green eyes she was trying to cover. She opened her toothless mouth in a wide yawn and smacked her lips, as if awaiting the food she knew was going to be coming soon. Or else.

“Your cousin’s name is Apple Sprout,” said Flim, holding the unicorn foal up to his chest. “And she’s my daughter.”

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Comments ( 9 )

WHATWHO in the name of Luna did you bang? AND WHY DID YOU BANG?

3583544 I didn't register anywhere, I just typed and kept track. Maybe I'll do that next year.

Wow, I'm "vastly underrated?" That's quite the high praise! :pinkiehappy: Now I actually have to actually do some writing to live up to that reputation. :derpytongue2:

3583566 You should... we could keep each other motivated!
And a friend of mine did her NaNo in more than one story as well.

Now that NaNo is over for me, I need to get a damn good editing team together, so that I might get my book in print someday :twilightsheepish:

“Applejack Jackquilyn Apple,” snapped Granny Smith. “You be polite to these worthless scoundrels or I’ll take a switch to your hide. Now, what kinda help was it you two low-lives need, other than a place to hide out between schemes?”


this. This. THIS was my upbringing in the South. To be very polite.....as you tell someone what you think of them.:trollestia: After all, we must all behave like ladies and gentlemen.:duck:


btw, it's nice to hear that you think I'm such a great author with my one story! :raritystarry:

I have intentionally left out one spectacular author, so if you’re reading this, and you don’t see your name, you’re it.

How'd you know I was the greatest author on this site when I've never actually written anything? You really do have an eye for talent.

I choose to pretend that I'm on the list.

So there. :P

Congrats on all the words!

Honestly, the Apples should have figured out they are family a long time ago. Look at their cutie marks and coloration, either one looks like they could be Apple Bloom's dad! :applecry:

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