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Sometimes I like to just sit down and do nothing. Alright fine, all the time.

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  • 64 weeks
    For now it looks like I am done.

    It's pretty safe to say at this point that I am no longer able to write. My apologies to anyone that is currently reading my stories. I simply have to many obligations in my life at this time. Maybe at some point I will return to finish my stories but I don't know how long it will take for that too happen. Thank you for reading my stories, giving your feedback and your support. I wish you all

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  • 88 weeks
    Just a quick update

    I've had the same avatar for a while so I thought it was for a change. Opinions? I think it's cute.

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  • 98 weeks
    I'm an evil person

    Alas, going against all better judgement I have neglected to put any work into my writing and has instead procrastinated myself into oblivion. XD

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  • 117 weeks
    Not dead, just hibernating.

    I've been doing more reading instead of writing recently. You know. Research and stuff. :unsuresweetie:
    I've been making slow progress on Spike the Stallion and minor additions to unpublished stories but nothing major. Not much spare time between work and other stuff.
    Forgive me. :fluttercry:

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  • 135 weeks
    Excited for the movie?

    So, anyone seen the movie yet? It doesn't come out in Australia for another 2 weeks or so. I kinda jumped the gun and watched it via... other methods, but I'll definitely watch it in cinemas too. Loved it, mostly. Hope you all get to see it as well.

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Planning. December, 2015. · 12:38am Dec 1st, 2015

Okay, this month will be pretty uneventful.
I'm going to be publishing The tower of Harmony sometime between the 10th or the 14th, but I'm not sure on an exact date. I'm over halfway done, just a few more things to go before it's finished. I'm also going to be doing some editing on the Final Sunset. Hopefully I can get rid of every mistake I made.
Now for the bad news. I'm going to be going out of state between the 18th and the 31st and I won't have continual internet access, so I won't be able to get any real work done while I'm on holidays. I'll be releasing a new years story to make up for not doing a Christmas story though.
I thinks that's it for this month. Told you it would be uneventful.

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