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Trying to pass drug test for employment · 9:52pm Nov 30th, 2015

AS the title says, I have to pass a drug test for a REALLY good job I've already been hired on. Everything is riding on me passing this test.

So background a bit.

I officially quit smoking weed the 7th of November. Have not smoked since. Last week monday I took a strip test, which came back a positive. For real for real positive.

So all last week until today I been drinking a gallon of water, cranberry juice, running 1.5 mile a day (except thanksgiving and Sunday schedule was too hectic) and some other ridiculous shit.

I took another home test today. But I'm a bit confused. Initially I thought it was positive...but then I saw this really faint line on the bottom. You want two lines cause that would be negative. One line is positive. That I don't want.

I need some people's input who have been through this before. Technically I would have a negative but idk if my eyes are playing tricks on me. I showed my mother and she said she could see it, but not at first glance. Pics below.

My test is this Friday.

What do you think? Thanks.

Prolly the wrong place to post this but whatever.

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Well, I do hope that you pass, and get this job you desire.
I shall pray for the desired outcome, my friend.

If you don't pass we're here for you man

And I hope you do pass

Liquid Sure Jell Fruitpectin worked for my step-aunt. Looks like snot and you have to drink it but she got stoned on a Saturday, downed it on the way to work that Monday, and passed a piss test three hours after drinking it. They typically carry it at Walmart.

What is the precise nature of the test the company will require you to undertake?

wait you have drug tests for jobs in the US? dafuq?

3582612 Frankly it's a little stupid. Nixon's stupid legacy still lives on in our country.

3582912 none of that shit here in the UK, amongst many other things we dont have..............like guns......


They are very common. I am a little bit surprised that even after almost a month that it even thinks about showing a positive. I know there are ways to find out if various drugs have been used years later but those are not the kind of tests most jobs would use.

3583052 Please don't bring up gun business. There's a very good reason why we give civilians the right to bear arms in our country.

3583404 I know what I'm going to start here, but there really is no reason. At all.

3584702 Yes there is. You seriously think that gun laws are going to stop criminals from not having guns? To believe so is truly ignorant. Crime isn't going to care about laws and they'll always find ways to get guns. To think that they only have access to guns made available to civilians is just a fantasy. In reality, there are illegal, backdoor ways to get guns. Guns civilians and our government don't know about. You see, that's just how criminals play. They don't CARE about how many gun laws a country will have. If there's a gun on the land, they will find it and take it.
Law-abiding citizens, however, do care about the law, but they also need a way to protect themselves. Gun for gun. Bad guys aren't going to play by the rules, so the second amendment is there to even the playing field. We can't have every civilian play the victim role. Someone needs to be a defender because cops don't always reach the scene in time. Yes it may seem that making guns available to civilians has made it 'easier' for criminals to get guns, but that doesn't change a thing about them. Like I said earlier, a criminal will always find a way to get a gun. So we don't allow gun access to civilians at all, might as well put a meat slaughter sign over every single school. Cause fuck guns, am I right? Guns are the real problem and not the criminals who don't care about whatever laws are put up, am I right? We don't need civilians to protect others cause the police will always arrive on time before somebody could be killed, AM I RIGHT?!
And yes while you heard stories of civilians stopping criminals by tackling them or whatever without guns, lemme just say that what they did may be heroic but also super fucking risky. Charging an armed man with no weapons at all is just asking for death. And remember that most people are fucking cowards when it actually comes to guns. In most cases when a civilian with a gun points at the criminal, the criminals just cow out and beg for their life. Most of the time the civilian doesn't even need to shoot.
Here is an article going over the details of comparisons between police saving the day and armed civilians saving the day. Please read it.
And one last thing for a twist.

3585177 You're really not right. I mean I, obviously, don't live in god's own country, which by your description is apparently brimming with 'bad guys' plotting your murder on a daily basis. Personally I have never met anybody who wanted to do your actual bodily harm to me or anyone else. So over here you can't get an assault rifle at your local super market, meaning the availability is fairly low. That drives prices, on the black market I assume, to such a point where some spastic thinking he's the joker probably won't be able to afford them anyway. How many americans die every year from being accidentally shot by their kid or their dog or whatever... or they die to self inflicted wounds, intentional or otherwise. Face it, the only people really out to get you are yourselves.

As to that article, I'm not sure how much stock I really want to put in the opinions of some wannabe anarchists, TruTV and, this was really my favourite, Ice-T.

And speaking of tyrrany, you people do realize that the government has the best guns right? And, I assume, planes and stuff. So good luck with your handgun.

As someone with a LOT of friends who have smoked, I've been told, though I cannot confirm, that weed can be detected in your blood up to six months after you quit.

Judging by the position of the line, the test looks Invalid: only the bottom section has a plainly visible line.

Lol you're way late on that. I also did end up passing XD

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