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I am an aspiring novelist/poet who writes high fantasy/action/adventure novels/fanfics and pretty poetry.

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  • 187 weeks
    Quitting FIMFiction

    I no longer have any interest in writing MLP fanfics, so I'm quitting this site and unpublishing my work.

    I still watch some of the episodes (mainly the darker/more action packed episodes), and I love the comics, even more than the show. But I don't have interest in writing fanfics any more.

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  • 202 weeks
    Still on semi-hiatus, but...

    The other night, I got a really good idea for some scenes to add to my KoA fanfic, so I'm going to unpublish the chapters that I plan to work on, and will re-publish them when the edits are done. Currently I'm focusing on making my "Trouble's Waking" and "Bounty Hunter" chapters a bit more dramatic, as well as exploring some of Goldfeather's backstory in those chapters.

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  • 219 weeks
    Going on another hiatus

    I'm going on hiatus from FIMfiction again- I'm in college now, and am also working on a trilogy of proper novels rather than fanfics. So I might be on hiatus for a few years. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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  • 221 weeks
    Re-re-editing Kingdom of Avia UPDATED

    So the EQD rejection letter for KoA said the following:

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  • 221 weeks
    Got rejected by EQD- which I find oddly amusing

    So I submitted Kingdom of Avia and later Bad Luck for a Bad Manager to EQD- got rejected, and they actually gave a legit reason this time! (Though I suspect they didn't read beyond the first chapter for both stories).

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S5 episode ranking in my opinion · 4:49pm Nov 30th, 2015

Rank in order of best to worst episodes and why (in my own personal opinion)

1) The Cutie Re-Mark- Legit WAR in canon, LOTS of conflict!
2)Slice of Life- wonderful silly humor and a canon lesbian couple with Lyra and BonBon! Those looks they gave each other weren't just 'best-friend' looks...
3)The Cutie Map- creepy cult leaders anyone?
4) Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?- Princess Big Mac, a new monster, and the very weird Equestria dreamscape.
5) Rarity Investigates- Film noir spoof, and I love film noir!
6) Make New Friends (But Keep Discord)- it has Discord and a creepy puppet dimension, and I really liked Tree Hugger!
7) The Mane Attraction- Countess Coloratura was pretty cool, and it gave me a story idea wherein Svengallop gets his (Story is Bad Luck for a Bad Manager).
8)Scare Master- Flutterbat returns and haunted houses!
9)The Hooffields and McColts- Liked the family feud theme!
10) The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone- It had the griffin kingdom in canon!
11) Appleloosa's Most Wanted- We have an actual canon Clydesdale on the show, and I liked Troubleshoes's character
12) Party Pooped- Didn't like how they did the yaks, with their "Hulk SMASH" type dialogue, but I was happy to see a viking-like race on the show. Still prefer the idea of viking caribou, but ah well.
13)Bloom and Gloom- Apple Bloom had some pretty dark dreams there...
14)Brotherhooves Social- Cross-dressed Big Mac!
15)Crusaders of the Lost Mark- I'm glad the CMC got their cutie marks, but I was disappointed in Diamond Tiara's redemption and found the episode to be kind of boring-too slice-of-life without as much in the way of stupid humor.
16)The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows- Glad Shining and Cadance are expecting, but the episode wasn't my cup of tea.
17)Tanks for the Memories- well done story about a touchy subject, but again too slice-of-life for me.
18)Castle Sweet Castle- got a little too sappy for my liking at the end there, plus too much slice-of-life
19) Hearthbreakers- Not bad, but not my cup of tea-not fond of family-drama type stories
20) Made in Manehattan- Not to my liking, too much slice-of-life.
21) Canterlot Botique- Not a fan of fashion and found the whole big deal about the outfits to be silly.
22)Princess Spike- Can Spike EVER catch a break?! Yeesh...
23) What About Discord- didn't like the storyline and it made the audience not know what was going on either, though I did like Discord showing a malicious streak.
24)Amending Fences- I found this episode absolutely boring. Completely slice-of-life and no silly humor or even much conflict to remove the boredom.

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