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Let's Talk about the Season 5 finale - The Cutie Re-mark · 1:13pm Nov 30th, 2015

Whoa boy, are people split on this episode, aren't they? XD

I was going to talk about this in a guest comment on Equestria Daily, but I might get crucified and I'm more comfortable talking with you guys anyway. :pinkiehappy:

Unfortunately, my general opinion on the finale isn't all that positive. Let me explain...

First off, the title. 'Cutie Re-mark' sounds like cutie marks are being changed, when in reality, they're not, and there are timelines where they still have the same mark anyway, so... yeah, this would've been a better title for the Season 3 finale, not this one. 'Marking Time'? 'Time of the Mark'? Something? I dunno, nitpick, but it bothers me. XD

Anyway, I kept my expectations on the two-parter neutral until I saw it. The only things I knew were that Starlight would be in it and it would involve time travel.

Honestly, and this is weird to say and everyone's probably going to call me crazy, but this episode was... kind of boring?

Now, don't get me wrong, I was at least interested... a little? I mean, strange as it may sound, I enjoyed Twilight's speech a lot and I almost wish they had put more focus on it and talked more about the magic of cutie marks (particularly the Cutie Mark Crusaders; are all marks connected by destiny, or can a pony have literally any mark and their actions decide it for them?). As it is, there was little point in it and only really served to show that Starlight figured out how her friends came together; if that's the case, you don't really need that opening scene where Twilight was practicing her speech, at least in my opinion. (I know I said I wish more focus was put on it, but I think it either needed more or less, not what we got)

The futures were... well, they served the plot, I guess, but would it really have been that much effort to make the mane 5 blank flanks in the alternate futures? This goes back to my previous question of how marks are achieved. If they get their marks in other ways, then it makes their cutie marks not seem special, no matter how you look at it.

Also, where is alternate Twilight in all this? After all, our Twilight is from the future, so it doesn't make sense for the other one to just disappear unless REASONS. Did she just die somehow in every timeline and we never got to see her? That's a little disappointing and I feel like it missed out on a chance for a sad moment. Imagine Twilight (in any timeline) finding a miserable alternate shut-in Twilight with a blank flank; maybe someone who's not even aware or doesn't care to be aware of the outside world. She tries talking to her, but this Twilight has lost hope on everything, getting even more saddened at the fact that the Twilight she's talking to was successful, happy, had many friends, and even became an alicorn. It has the potential for a heartbreaking scene where Twilight realizes what she could've become had she failed her magic test.

Speaking of the main meeting with the alternate... this finale makes me a little upset. I know that most of the finales single Twilight (and Spike) out, but the rest of Twilight's friends are left completely out of the loop, and Twilight has to FILL THEM IN when she gets back. I would've LOVED to have seen all of the Mane 6 react to their counterparts (especially Applejack's potentially horrified reaction at her family from the King Sombra timeline). I know it might've made the story complicated, but there have been finales and Equestria Girls movies (though some may argue with me on the latter) that have a ton of stuff going on and we can all still keep up. If there was really a problem with time constraints, then either don't do that plot at all (don't do what won't work) or make it a three-parter (after all, there's probably one Season 5 episode that people wish didn't exist :P). Canterlot Wedding at least had it where Twilight's friends took part in the changeling battle, and Magical Mystery Cure had an excuse because Twilight's real friends and Twilight's cutie-swapped friends were the same body, but I can't really think of an excuse for this. "It took place in Cloudsdale; Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and Applejack would've fallen." Cloud-walking spell.

Also, would've been hilarious to see Rainbow Dash make some sort of "Wow, what a huge ego" line to her past self and everyone just raises a brow. Besides that, if it's the argument that some of Twilight's friends would've been useless in the battle with Starlight Glimmer, then... roll with that. Make it so they're sorry they're not much help, but Twilight wants their comfort and company because it helps her not lose hope, which would confuse but intrigue Starlight. Part of the point of Twilight's Kingdom was that Twilight needed her friends and they needed her. Twilight mentions her friends and how important they are, sure, but she didn't need their presence to stop Starlight.

On the topic of time constraints, erm... wow, Starlight Glimmer caved in kinda quickly. I don't have TOO much of a problem with it, so I won't get much into it (I mean, small event made her insane, so small event makes it better... I guess?????), but something I would've loved is that, instead of a song at the end (or they can keep it and have another by making time/cutting stuff out), have a song where Twilight uses some sort of projection memory spell to show and sing to Starlight about how great her friendship is, and Starlight would be so overwhelmed with how much all of her friends love each other that it would be hard to argue against. Then she could maybe cry and be like "I wish I could've had that." THEN Twilight offers her hoof to her and says, "You still can..."

It also bothers me that Starlight goes on and on about how Twilight's friends shouldn't be that important, and it's kind of annoying to see Twilight respond. "I don't know why my relationship with my friends is all that important." Um... Twilight? You're the ELEMENTS OF HARMONY. It's not even that hard to say! "My friends and I are the Elements of Harmony and Council of Friendship; we've fought many villains in our time because no one else could do it. Celestia and Luna themselves were taken down on more than one occasion and only survived because we beat the living tar out of the bad guys." That takes maybe 5-10 seconds to explain?

I hate being that person who complains about things that they wish were there instead of complaining about what is, but... even what's there doesn't give much. Twilight gets slightly emotional over all the timelines, but does she ever cry; I mean REALLY cry? We usually get that in every finale, but it's left out here; I can't really get invested either because I know that none of this is going to amount to anything.Twilight doesn't bring any reminders back from those timelines to represent what could've been and what shouldn't be forgotten, and while she says that "every future I come to is worse than the last", I really wanted her to show some REAL emotion. She shows a little, but I wanted to see her bawling.

I know that sounds mean, but it really would've sold it if she was crying and struggling to talk about all the lives she saw shattered and all the ponies she saw injured because of this one event. Spike's biggest reaction is alternate!Rarity rejecting him, which, while a cute face, really doesn't help the credibility of these episodes. They both seem kind of detached from the plot, running up to their alternate friends like they're their real friends and it's slightly mind-boggling because it should be obvious to them that this is a different timeline, especially after they've done it a couple of times before. Also, for anyone who might say, "The writer made sure that Twilight's friends didn't come along so Twilight and Spike would feel isolated in these new timelines." Like, cool, that's great and everything, but make me FEEL that more. Make me really feel the weight of this plot, like Twilight and Spike are alone, even when they're surrounded by these alternate ponies. None of these timelines are going to amount to anything and we know they're not, so at least make me feel worse for Twilight and Spike.

I don't mind Starlight that much I guess. Her cockiness was annoying, but that was point I think, so she did her job. A little overpowered (or Twilight was underpowered; her lasers are laughably pathetic sometimes) and I half-expected Starlight to be wearing the Alicorn Amulet (maybe hiding it away), but compared to the other stuff in this episode, this hardly bothers me. She's threatening and does give you a sense of "Wow, this mare is powerful." My only really big problem with her is that, if she was in Ponyville for a long time and Twilight is both a princess plus having a huge castle and saying that she owes so much to her friends, you'd think Starlight would realize that this was a bad idea. She supposedly did a LOT of research, and in researching the Cutie Map, wouldn't she have realized that they're the Elements of Harmony, the ones who stopped quite a lot of disasters? I dunno, this bothers me. If the episode was entertaining, I wouldn't care as much, but... it wasn't, so I do. XD

The ending was at least okay (besides Twilight having to fill the others' in which would've been solved if they had just come along *grumble* *grumble*), with a catchy song and that ending shot with almost everyone looking at the screen, which did get me a little sense of "Awww..."

This finale wasn't "MLP RUINED FOREVER OH MY CELESTIA I'M QUITTING THE SHOW", but honestly, if you asked me which finale I found to be the weakest, it would probably be this one. It wasn't horrible, and Best Night Ever would be a close contender, but Best Night Ever is at least a little funnier, a little more relateable, and was half as long as this, so if you didn't like it, it wasn't as painfully long.

All in all, while the plot had potential, I feel that it was ruined quite a bit by ideas that weren't all there, focus on things that shouldn't have had focus, a lack of focus on things that should've had focus, and characters that only mildly cared about the situation they were in. Still, it wasn't THE, WORST, POSSIBLE, THING, and there were certainly episodes that have made me more frustrated, but this was the longest one of them all. I don't know if it's in my bottom ten least favorite episode, but it's still pretty low.

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Comments ( 2 )

Disclaimer: I enjoyed the finale.

That being said, "Re-Marking" had nothing to do with the plot. I think the characters all should have had new marks every time if that was the case, demonstrating that the correct choice and timeline lead to their correct destiny. Some people never find their spark. I imagine that some ponies get the wrong mark when they aren't given their chance to shine or don't take that chance when it comes. Either cutie-marks are an innate part of who you are and everyone gets the right one eventually, or they are an impression of your experiences and your decisions. I don't know which would be better.

Seeing as that wasn't the case with the episode, something regarding friendship would have been more accurate. Since, you know, that was the focus of the finale.


That's cool if you enjoy the episode. Looking back, I'm kind of a minority. XD

But yeah, "Re-mark" is just such a confusing title. Honestly, it would've better fit "Magical Mystery Cure", since that one actually had something to do with cutie marks being changed.

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