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;P · 6:46am Nov 30th, 2015

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Warning: The following text is an unfinished recursive fanfiction piece made by a fan with no real-life ties to the Phantom Shadow whatsoever and should not be taken seriously. I sincerely apologise for any rises I earn from the Phantom Shadow.

Chapter 26: Acceptance.

“Finding the truth is easy; accepting it is hard.”

-Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Season two, episode fifteen. “Senate Murders.”


“Well,” Apple Bloom began. “What now? We can’t just leave ‘em runnin’ off like that! We’ve got to do somethin’!”

Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle both turned to stare at her.

“What do you suggest we do?” Sweetie Belle questioned. “Rumble’s devastated! There’s no way he’s gonna listen to any of us right now. Especially me.”


“Alright, it’s settled.” Scootaloo commanded. “Sweetie, go and take care of Rarity. Apple Bloom, come with me to my house. Once we use the scooter, we can get to the inn in five minutes flat and then you can do your stuff! Cutie Mark Crusaders, get ready!” She extended a hoof.

“Ready!” Sweetie squealed.

“Ready!” Apple Bloom exclaimed.

“Then let’s do this!” Scootaloo signaled.

With an outstretched hoof, each and every filly spat onto their hoof before swinging it in a circle towards a common point above their heads, slapping their hooves together with a resounding, satisfying crack that rang across the entire field.


“Cutie Mark Crusaders, heartbreak-fixers!”

And with that, their get-back together was officially confirmed.

Scootaloo and Apple Bloom dashed off in the direction of Scootaloo’s house as Sweetie trotted towards her sobbing, heaving sister.


Not so far away at the food and drinks table, two foals sipped on their drinks as they observed the Crusaders part with wide eyes and perked ears.

“I’ll say, Toby.” Pipsqueak began. “What do you think that was that all about?”

Toby shrugged his withers as he blinked. “I’ve no idea. I just hope it turns out okay.”

“Me too, mate.” Pipsqueak replied. “Me too.”


The cool, summer evening breeze whipped and tossed his hair around him as he shakily flapped his sore wings; messing up the sleek, jet-black mane that was immaculately styled and gelled for the sole sake of impressing his fillyfriend. His ex-fillyfriend.

Rumble neither noticed nor cared.

An enormous lump constricted and choked his throat as he squeezed his eyelids shut, letting only strangled cries come out of his mouth. Hot tears the size of peas ran down his flushed, burning cheeks as his clenched hooves grew raw from the sheer exertion.

“Rumble, wait!” Thunderlane reached out a hoof as he furiously pumped his wings towards the fleeing colt. “Please slow down!”

*Preview ends here.*

...and just like that, the 3/4 chapter I have seems mediocre by comparison!

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