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    I'm just watching clips from Star Trek movies. I should be WRITING, but General Chang has such a magnetic personality.

    I'M MOTIVATED, I SWEAR! *Searches optimal Antiproton build for my new Vorgon Carrier*

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COME ON · 2:44am Nov 30th, 2015

1: Yes, new chapter coming soon
2: I will murder whoever put the publish button where it is right now

Report BaryonBrony · 586 views · Story: Machinations in the Dark ·
Comments ( 9 )

He he he you will never find where I hid the publish button mwhaha! P.s looking forward to the new chapter keep up the good work.

Silly Baryon, you can't murder Meeester.

You're not the first to accidentally hit the publish button (bows head in shame), and I doubt you will be the last.

3580704 It is a taunt to us, A TAUNT I SAY!

3580618 You're right, and I don't want to either. But would it hurt to have an "are you sure" option before BOOP!

3580376 I am plugging away more than I have in a long time! I should be done with the rest of the writing tonight, and hopefully finish editing tomorrow. HOPEFULLY. Life is rough right now, but I'm not giving up on this. NOPE.


3580727 I AM! It's been an insane couple of months. Too much happened. But I'm winding down to graduation, and I'm getting back in the game.


Congrats. I'm cramming now because I procrastinated too much before the end of the semester.

Looking forward to your next chapter though

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