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Determination! · 8:41pm Nov 29th, 2015

My Christmas animation this year will make every bony animator's own Christmas content look like garbage! I will make a good animation for Christmas, and this song will give me the DETERMINATION to do it! So fuck you, Mandopony! I'm gonna make a good video, and you'll all like me again and I'll be a great Brony at last!

To Photoshop!

Also get 'Undertale', it's unbelievably good and it's worth the asking price. Support the creators as well because God knows we need decent fun games like this on Steam and everywhere else.

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And I'll finally have time to help you with voices (maybe). Last time, I had finals and couldn't help. Sorry.:fluttercry::fluttercry:

3579097 Don't know if I want voices for this one yet. I feel it needs to be a silent one. I may change my mind though. But I'll see as I go. But I can't waste time. I want this animation to be near to a minute long at least, and since I don't use the same animation tech as other people do, I'll need to get to work ASAP.

I'm not a great animator, but damn it I'll throw my all into this one to make it at least tolerable and awesome to watch!

Ahh, the final fight music.

If I had another 5 dollars I would get Undertale tbh but I'm broke and have no way to make money so

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