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Hello you horse lovers! I'm a pegasister who was forced into the fandom and refuses to leave! You guys all rock!

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    Numero Uno, ladies and gents, I'M NOT DEAD.

    Most of my interaction with this site has been via editing fanfiction, although with school and life My Little Pony has taken to the sidelines.

    Fear not, I'm not leaving the fandom. I still like the show (I thought this seasons was really good) and just want to be more casual with the fandom.

    (Spoilers below)

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Let's play a game! (Season finale spoilers!) · 7:55pm Nov 28th, 2015

For those who have seen the new episode, you know how there are many alternate realities. (This is not a roleplay, simply a few comments must for fun) So for today's activity, we'll take your oc or ponysona and list what they were doing during...

Sombras War
Were they fighting for Celestia? Were they fighting for the adversary? Maybe they were canning food or helping the injured!

The Chrysallis Resistance
Perhaps you would be spying for your legion or just staying out of sight! This could be intresting for all the changlings out here.

Nightmare Moons Reign
How did you earn a living? Are you even alive?

Discords Chaos
Besides singing the classic livingtombstone remix, how would you survive?

The Flim Flam Catashrophe
Desperately trying to protect the trees? Desperately trying to leave Equestria?

The End Of Exsistence
Nothing was left after all these events... How would you cope here?

The Present Peace
Now everything is in order once again. What do you do now that Equestria is safe? It's like nothing ever happened...

Drop a comment below and see how others would survive! Repost this if you're curious about your followers! Have fun!

Also here's a link to my new Starlight Glimmer group bye

Comments ( 9 )

Actually, the song "Discord" was by Eurobeat Brony... :ajbemused:

Sombra's War - I would probably be at War Front and either leading or commanding troops.

Chrysalis's Invasion - Probably just trying to hide.

Nightmare Moon's Reign - Probably working at my usual jobs.

Discord's Chaos - Either working with him as discretely affecting what he does, and if that doesn't work, well, I can't really predict what he would do, can I?

Flim and Flam's Industrialization - I would probably be working for them in the tech department.

The End of Existence - I wouldn't really exist would I?

3574802 Eurobeat brony... Right. I guess I was just thinking the remix.:twilightblush: And yeah, I'd probably be doing most of the same things, except with the Flim flam thing, I can be a huge nature freak at times.

I just realized I never really developed a ponysona for myself, and both of my OCs verge on criminally uninteresting.

Okay, self-insert time!

The Crystal Wars: I've either submitted completely to Sombra or died early because of some tactical stupidity on my part.

The Age of Change: Conduct tests to see if love freely given is a sustainable changeling food source, and if yes, then cause Chryssi's soldiers to lay down their weapons and get in line for the buffet.

The Everlasting Darkness: Either an historian or intimate slave.

Swillgedarobergubtersnipe: Gone insane and enjoying the madness, doing my best to give Discord lots of fun ideas that don't allow my permanent cessation of existence.

Flim Flam Incorporated: YAY! I GOT A JOB!

The Present: Hey AJ, can I work on your farm? Pretty please?

3575070 dang, you guys are better at thinking up reality than I am! Also, I'm still laughing at your "job" remark with the Flim flams.

Hehe... You got a job...

3575090 Don't laugh! Industrialization generates much job!

3575112 well, you know me...
Now if you excuse me, I'm going on a nice long hike...

3575125 I would not be surprised to see a dark clopfic where Flim and Flam use Tree Hugger as a c:rainbowhuh: dumpster.

Actually, I would be surprised, because nobody's going to write about that future.

3575176 only time shall tell...:trollestia:

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