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"I am the Aloof Hermit, the Lord of the Empty Seat. I am the Alpha and the Omega"

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  • 1 week
    New Platinum Tier Story Updated!

    The newest chapter of The Temptress Trio has been added to the Platinum Tier Folder on my pay-to-read accounts (the 3rd chapter will be uploaded once the 4th and final chapter is finished).

    And don't worry! At least 1 more story is set to be uploaded later this month on the 29th!

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  • 3 weeks
    New Gold Tier Story!

    The first new story 2022 has been updated to the Gold Tier Folder on my pay-to-read accounts (it's NSFW, you have been warned):

    Punishment by Proxy:

    Aria Blaze takes her duty as the Jonin of the フェチ 影 の 一族 (Fetish Shadow Clan) very seriously. As such, when one of her Kunoichi fails her mission, it falls on her to set an example...

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  • 3 weeks

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  • 4 weeks
    New Gold Tier Story Uploaded!

    The final new story 2021; Fallen Servants has been updated to the Gold Tier Folder (it's NSFW, you have been warned).

    (The story will be made public on January 30th.)

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  • 4 weeks
    Merry Christmas!

    To all of my followers and supporters, whether you've only recently take an interest in my stories or have been watching since I first joined to this site...

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New Anthro-Humans Group! · 2:47pm Nov 28th, 2015

A new group I made that focuses on a more... unique type of human/anthro created by Kilala97.

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