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  • 319 weeks
    Yes, I'm Alive

    Hey all, Lithe here.

    Just as a note, yes, I am still alive.

    Yes, I am still interested in writing to an extent.

    Yes, I plan to finish Two's Company and work on the other stories I started.

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  • 405 weeks
    I Need Your Help! (Part 2)

    So I did some editing work on the track I was working on before, and I think it sounds way better, though I wanna get your opinion on it!

    You can find it here!

    For the record, no VSTs were used, just a mashup of three of my favorite songs. It was also done in Sony ACID Music Studio 10.

    Let me know!


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  • 406 weeks
    I Need Your Help!

    So, after screwing around with some audio editing software, I made a thing that you can check out by clicking here!
    Check it out and tell me what you think!

    If y'all like it, I'll use it in Two's Company somewhere. I already have what I want to do with it in mind, but that's a secret between me and mine. ;3

    Let me know!

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  • 407 weeks

    Hey all! New chapter of Ivory is out today! It's been a long time coming, and big steps are had between Fred and Rarity, so go on and read it! We hope you enjoy it!


    PS: New chapter of TC should be arriving soon, just not sure when. Stay tuned!

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  • 412 weeks
    A Quick Note

    As some of you may know, I wrote a quick little side story to give you guys a bit of a front-row view as to how Octavia and Vinyl ended up with the twins... but as I looked at it more and more, I felt unsatisfied.

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What Is My Life · 8:50am Nov 28th, 2015

I think I have a problem.

I'm not nearly done. The wedding ceremony hasn't even happened yet. Send help.


Comments ( 10 )

Meh, longer chapters are better :P

Can the chapter be split down the middle. Make a chapter break just before Octavia starts to walk down the aisle?

*Throws money at computer screen*


You might want to split it into different chapters xD


Mother of God

What is the deal with some authors and long chapters? As a reader, I say longer chapters ROCK. You get more bang for the update. And yeah, maybe you have to wait a little longer for the next chapter, but when they're that long, it makes it worth it.

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