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Changeling with marvelous taste spotted! · 12:22am Nov 28th, 2015

So, thanks to the recent Steam sale and some Genuine crap if you know what I mean, I recently upgraded my copy of Dark Souls 2 to the Scholars of The First Sin version.

(Very impressive upgrade. Well worth the 2,5€ I paid for it due to the loyalty discounts and sale discount apparently stacking this one time. Highly recommended if you haven't already, and are itching for some Dark Souls.)


Heh, cute. Wonder what the odds on two Rarity's like that even is?

And man, wonder what the host was thinking?

Still, since its on topic:

I think I managed a decent likeness, if I do say so myself. At least within the limitations of the DS2 character creator. :raritystarry:

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Personally, I just never really liked Dark Souls 2. Somehow, it just... doesn't quite come together in the same way the first one did. Dark Souls 1 has this whole vertical interconnectedness going. Everything is integrated with each other. I know where every single part of it is in relation to the other parts; in some areas, you can even see them. There are shortcuts and connections and byways just everywhere, I must have played through that game a dozen times or more and every time I find myself impressed by how whole it feels. Dark Souls 2, on the other hand, just feels kind of disjointed, with the whole layout being a lot more flat just in general. It feels more like a return to the Demons' Souls style of level-based gameplay and it just doesn't work for me nearly as well.

That, and the bosses are just a whole lot less fair on the whole. The entirety of DS 1 didn't give me as many problems as that one Bastille fight alone.


To be fair, Dark Souls was a really tough act to follow. Its one of the most cohesive games I've ever played, where everything from the tiniest enemy to the most towering behemoth of a boss has some explanation and just fits into the world perfectly.

DS 2 on the other hand, is a bit more uneven, yeah. Especially at launch.

That being said, Scholar of the First Sin genuinely seem like its a great improvement on that. More lore, enemies making more sense, a more smoother experience, the torch mechanic actually does something due to the lightning engine actually now depicting dark areas as genuinely dark...

I'm a bit too short into it to give anything resembling a review yet, but my first impression so far is that Scholar is a far more cohesive experience. Not quite on the first game's level, but far more polished and improved.

Would have preferred to have it in the base game compared to a paid upgrade, but its really one of those games where patches and improvements have made a lot of difference. Even the base game really isn't the same thing as it was at launch.

Well, if it's as much of an improvement as you say, I suppose I may give it another shot at some point. I'll at least look up what it actually changes, I guess.

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