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"If everything existed forever, then life wouldn't be so precious... It would be like a neverending winter—cold, weary and so very alone." -From 'Winter's Horizon' by DemonBrightSpirit

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  • 68 weeks
    Happy Birthday to Me!

    I've been on this blue rock for over half a century now.

    Still don't know where all the time went!

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My Time as a Pony · 8:01pm Nov 27th, 2015

It is not the problem it used to be, but every once in awhile I have trouble staying asleep. It didn't help matters today when my upstairs neighbor had her grandkids over, and I swear they must all love elephants, because that's the only way they walk. After I'd finally gotten to sleep, this was the dream I had.

I was in a house with a bunch of other people. Some sort of party was going on, but I was having a bad time. I don't remember all the circumstances, but I do know I felt as if I did not belong there. It was a very wild party, with much yelling, singing and dancing. Then someone threw a brick or a bottle, I'm not sure which, and I was struck in the head. When I came to I had been taken to a back bedroom. There was no pain, but still I felt strange. I looked down at my hand, and as I stared at it, it would flicker from being my hand, to being a blue hoof. Then I tried to get up, but it felt strange to walk on two legs, so I got down on all fours. I wobbled around inside the bedroom for a few minutes, then decided I needed to get out of there. So I climbed out a window.

Once outside, I went around to the front of the house and looked in the windows. The party was still going strong, and then some of them came outside. One person saw me, pointed and yelled, but it wasn't in fear. Even so, I turned and ran off. Running felt strange, for I at first went from the sensation of running on my hands and knees, to trying to run on four hooves. But the longer I did it, the more it felt natural to run on hooves. I managed to get away and hide myself until morning.

The next day I'd forgotten what had happened, so I was walking down a sidewalk. For some reason I was on all fours, but even though that was strange I felt more at ease walking that way. That was when I got my first real dose of my new reality.

Some children, aged three to four, were playing in front of their house. One was a little girl with blonde hair, and she looked up and saw me. Her eyes grew wide, and she laughed and said, "Pony!" I remember smiling at her and speaking, but I don't remember what I said. I do remember it wasn't my normal speaking voice; it had been changed to a stranger's. That's when people started crowding out of their houses to look at me, but no one was hostile. A few of the adults tried to touch my mane, but I didn't let them. And I remember being happy. But it didn't last.

Soon others showed up who weren't so friendly. A group of the adults surrounded me and kept them back. I remember the ones surrounding me were all teenagers and young adults, and the hostile crowd was mostly older people. They began yelling as they pointed at me, and my defenders yelled back. I started looking around for a way out of there, but then someone threw a brick and struck one of the young men in the forehead. He fell to the ground and was bleeding, so I came forward and placed my right hoof on his wound. My hoof began to glow with a faint blue light while he stared up at me. I remember it was very quiet as all were watching us.

When I took my hoof away, the bleeding had stopped and there was a thin scar there. And this was the strangest of all: as I looked, the sigil of the Two Sisters appeared on his cheeks and forehead. He smiled and stood to his full height, towering over me. I do remember what I said to him as he felt his forehead: "You have Equestrian magic in you now. Those symbols will fade, but the magic will remain." (I have no idea what that meant or why I said it) Then I ran off again.

The dream then shifted, and I was inside of a building. There was a high wrought iron fence inside the building, so for some reason I decided to try and climb it. It was awkward trying to climb with hooves, and I was having a difficult time, so that's probably why I didn't notice the children on the other side until I was almost over. They all looked at me, and their reaction was just like the first little girl: wonder and delight. I smiled at them and walked away, but they didn't follow me.

As I walked into the building, I had to climb some stairs to some sort of auditorium. There were some glass doors separating me from the crowd of hundreds, and I remember it was very dark. But there was just enough light from an overhead source that I could see my reflection in the glass. I stared at myself, and I shifted from being a human on all fours, to a blue earth pony with dark and light blue streaks in my mane. I went through the doors and started down the stairs, but I couldn't go headfirst. I turned around to go hind end first. I'd only made it down a few steps when I heard a loud crash, and I woke up.

That was the first dream I've ever had like that. I feel somewhat depressed, for it's as though I lost something. I hope I can dream like that again.

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dreams are very odd like that but theres no telling what that could really been about tho still that is a neat dream :D

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