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A teen guy who somewhat cares a bit about ponies and fiction. Maybe both at the same time, IDK.

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  • 200 weeks
    One Year Anniversary and new story

    Hey, guess what? I'm back. I'm making a new story maybe. It's also been a year since I made this crap account (I think). This calls for celebration.


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  • 212 weeks
    I deleted all of my FIMFiction stories.

    I don't like them. I deleted them. OK? Ok.

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  • 232 weeks
    New Plan

    1. Redoing 780 means that the old 780 will have to be deleted off of the site.
    2. I don't trust my Google Drive (as my Google account may or may not have more than one owner...) to host my cringe.
    3. I do have however OneDrive. You're going to have to deal with OneDrive instead.

    So yeah that's basically it.

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  • 241 weeks
    I'm redoing 780. Shut up.

    I feel like the current 780 has major flaws that can't be fixed without a major rewrite.
    Oh boy here we go.

    EDIT: First things first, the song of the post isn't hinting at anything. Shush.
    Second: Here's the link to the unsubmitted 780: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/314673/780
    If you want to preview it, message me on MLPForums (Lonk Chase) and I'll give you the password.

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  • 243 weeks
    I don't want to go onto this site anymore

    Just all the cringey fanfictions on the front page...

    Satire aside, I'm not sure if I want to continue 780 on this website.
    The type of fanfictions I want to create don't seem to be what this site is for.
    So, I'm not sure what to do.

    Story at 11.

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New Chapter Blurb Time · 2:46pm Nov 27th, 2015

First, before we get started, YOU CAN NOW VIEW THE ACTUAL FANFICTION. IT'S SUBMITTED AND APPROVED. It took three tries, but WHATEVER. GO CHECK IT OUT. https://www.fimfiction.net/story/302011/780
Second, I technically have to cover 1.5 new chapters, so hold on to your flanks.
Leet's go.

1.5 - A little filler chapter which kinda world-builds, kinda shows-a-maybe-relationship between Vinyl and Neon, and kinda makes the Slice-Of-Life tag more apparent. I liked it.
2 - This was fun to write. It's a Slice-Of-Life chapter which does everything 1.5 did but in 400 more words or so.

So yeah, go check this story out.

Cool Song of the Post:

Report lonkfania · 111 views · Story: 780 [OLD] · #fanfiction
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