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Tryptophan's Pilgrim · 12:22pm Nov 26th, 2015

Once upon a time in England, there was a religious sect known as the Puritans, whose tenets were basically opposed to people enjoying themselves. Unsurprisingly, no one liked them, so they decided to escape religious persecution by traveling to the promising New World, where they could be free to persecute other religions.

Sadly, the Puritans did not consider how the New World would not be England, and so they had some difficulty feeding themselves. As the weather cooled, the natives took pity on the unwanted squatters and shared their bounty with them. The Puritans were so grateful that they decided to forestall the righteous eradication of the heathen people and their devil worship.

And this wonderful day, which might have even actually happened, is what we Americans call the first Thanksgiving. Happy Turkey Day, everyone.

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Comments ( 10 )

Happy Thanksgiving FOME!

American history is such fun.

The Puritans were so grateful that they decided to forestall the righteous eradication of the heathen people and their devil worship.

Temporarily. Then, a half-century later, they wiped them out anyway.

"Some depression to your gluttony sir?"
Why yes. Two lumps please.

As opposed to our Thanksgiving which celebrates a bountiful harvest and watching the Oktoberfest Parade from Kitchener (formerly Berlin), Ontario. You guys get historical revisionism and getting dragged into old arguments and dreading having to fend off crazed idiots killing one another over home electronics the following day.

All history is fun in the right context, like how France's name ultimately stems from a kind of throwing axe.

Canada doesn't do Black Friday? You are truly an enlightened race. An enlightened race with really creepy public service announcements.

3571363 We started Black Friday two years ago. It's just not the day after a holiday. It's instead the Friday BEFORE the Grey Cup. Also, although they've never carpet-bombed the Smurfs, the British have creepier PSAs.

Point of order: the name "France" is directly descended from "Francia", which literally means "domain of the Franks". While the article on the Frankish people mentions the idea that they were named for the francisca style of throwing axe, the article on the francisca actually cites a historical document that states the reverse: that kind of axe is so called because it was used by the Franks. It seems more likely that the term "Frank" is derived from an ancient Germanic word for "javelin". So both the country of France and the francisca throwing axe are ultimately named after a throwing spear.

Duly noted. Thank you for correcting the misconception. I deserve it for insufficient research.

3571740 3571769
I once read that the Roman short sword, the gladius (from which we also get 'gladiator') is from the old Norse (and now also modern English) word 'glad', because comfort and security is owning a good weapon. I am assuming this is not actually true, but I like the story. Also happy thanksgiving a day late.

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