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My Thoughts — Alice (1988) · 12:07pm Nov 25th, 2015

Short version: This movie is brilliand, deranged, and brilliantly deranged.

You like the original book or just sureal things? Go out on Netflix and watch it now.

If your entire exposure to Alice In Wonderland is that twee Disney thing?

Fly! Fly you fools!

That is this movies version of The White Rabbit.

Yes, he is stop-motion. And a stuffed rabbit. That thing moves.

Did I mention that he keeps his pocket-watch inside his gaping chest-wound that constantly bleeds saw-dust? :pinkiecrazy:

In my defense, I told the squeamish among you to run.

And it is one thing to describe it, but I thought I'd show you as well!

(My sincerest apologies to the extremely talented Kyle Kallgren, AKA Oancitizen for linking to a re-upload, but due to his analysis of Alice not yet being re-uploaded to his official YouTube channel it seems to be the only copy left online. Please follow this link to his actual channel if the above clip catches your interest.)

That build-up aside, I genuinely think this version does the book utter justice. It really feels as if poor young Alice has entered a world were 'we're all mad here.'

And the only thing more brilliant then the puppetry (as admittedly macabre the puppets themselves are), is the sound design. I've been a proponent that many creators are way too frightened of silence, that the audience will simply not 'get it' unless every passing moment contains some background music cluing them in how they 'should' be feeling.

This movie contains one bit of background music. A piano tune right at the end that's noting special by itself, but is outright starling because we've gone an entire movie without any music.

And the sounds themselves! There this constant rustling, creaking and popping that makes the horrifically almost mundane looking sets seem even more haunted.

Highly, highly recommend! I had a blast watching this! The best adaption of Alice In Wonderland I've seen! Really felt like it got the time-less if disturbing source-material instead of just retelling the watered down Disney version with a coat of life-action like usually happens. :pinkiehappy:

...That being said, probably not a version of Alice you want to plop down your 10 year old nephew with unless they're in that 'into creepy things' phase kids get sometimes. Yes, this was originally intended as a children's movie.

We don't cuddle our kids much here in Europe. :twilightsheepish:

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Would this be the Alice that you Go Ask?

If you enjoy Jan Švankmajer, you will probably like Street of Crocodiles by the Brothers Quay (pron. Kay). They have many of the same influences. Švankmajers Little Otik is also worth seeing.

That is terrifying. I may need to watch that.

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