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I am 20, Brony, and Christian(And proud of it!). Also I am a gamer to my bones.

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  • 142 weeks
    I'm Sorry

    Hey guys I want to start off by apologizing. I would like to apologize for my last blog. I did not act mature about it and lashed out. I have been dealing with some personal stuff these past couple of years I don’t wish to discuss and went to dark place that took me awhile to get out of with the help of some people close to me. So I would like to ask for your forgiveness for attitude and if I

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    I really don't care

    Let me be honest here........I don't really care if you don't like my stories. I really really don't care. Now don't get me wrong everyone is free to there opinions and I don't care if you hate it or not. You like it I thank you and glad you enjoyed it. You don't like it and explain why, thank you for the honesty and caring enough to tell me where I messed up and need to approve on. I've gotten a

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    My first attempt at writing

    So, about two or three years ago me and a couple of friends of mine where planning to make a game, but sadly it never got off the ground. Most of them have forgotten and I'm the only one with any interest in it. My job was to lead us, write the story, and figure out what kind of game it was going to be. Well I have no idea what to do with the script I had before the project was abandon. This was

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    Pray for My Family

    So to make a long story short. My grandparents where in a motorcycle accident yesterday afternoon, it's midnight for me. My grandfather who was driving the bike is fine he has has several broken ribs, fractured clavicle and a small pe.(don't ask me what it is I have no idea:applejackconfused:) My Grandmother has several broken ribs, subdural, a collapsed lung and a broken vertebrae. They have her

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  • 240 weeks
    Red Saber & Red Shirt episode 3 & 4

    So yeah I figured I would promote this since I'm on it.

    Episode 3: Saddest moments in games

    Episode 4: Favorite MLP villains

    We will start to do reviews for stuff like comics, books, TV shows, movies, and of course MLP. Bless you all, Spartan out!

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Find Me On · 12:03am Nov 24th, 2015

Hey everyone, I just want to let you all know that you can now find me on Facebook,link, Twitter link, Tumbler link, Steam link, and Twich link.

Also I have decided I am going to start doing reviews, movies, games, TV, comics. My first Movie review will most likely be on the latest entry in the 007 series, Specter! That's all for now. Bless you all, Spartan out!

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Comments ( 4 )

first of my friends to have Empire at War

3564809 Awsome I've been wanting to get back into it

3564839 I can't go online too much on it, but if so, I've been playing the RaW mod a lot

I've added you on steam and facebook.

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