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Who is Pop Fly? · 6:13am Nov 23rd, 2015

The My Little Pony Christmas album featured songs by ponies we all know and love... with one bizarre exception: a colt named "Pop Fly."

The spunky Pop Fly sings a song called Last Year I got Coal for Christmas. As far as I can tell, it's a song written from the ground up by Daniel Ingram himself. But who is supposed to be singing this?

Button Mash is the first character that comes to mind as singing this song. He's the only colt we're used to having this kind of colorful attitude and personality.

However, among the background ponies is a colt the fandom has dubbed "First Base" that is most likely Pop Fly.

A pop-fly is a baseball term, and "First Base" is one of the few ponies that sports a baseball related cutie mark.

Another thing to note is his color scheme, it's suspiciously similar to Flash Sentry's. The fandom picked up on that long ago and there's plenty of fanart of Flash Sentry hanging out with his little brother, First Base Pop Fly.

And it's interesting to note that Vincent Tong, the voice actor for Flash Sentry, is also the singing voice for Pop Fly.

But my best evidence for why that background colt is Pop Fly is this tweet:

He liked my tweet!

Many people have asked Daniel Ingram directly who Pop Fly is and the only response he's given is hitting the like button on my tweet.

I know that's debatable as definitive evidence, but for now, I'm willing to wager that our mysterious singer on the Christmas album is most likely this background colt:

Comments ( 8 )

Commendable investigative reporting, sir.

Wow, good job, Chinchillax! I'm impressed that you figured that out/acquired the evidence that you did. :pinkiesmile:

The Christmas album is really cute, too. At first I was confused as to why it hadn't been named the Hearth's Warming Eve album, but it seems that they've directly repurposed some existing Christmas songs into pony, so I guess that the name makes some sense. Still, I'm sad that somepony might actually get coal in Equestria. :fluttercry:

Your blog posts make me happy. :pinkiehappy:


The whole fact that it's a Christmas album is really strange. It's canonically impossible, but this is just a TV show so I'm not too worried about it.

I always appreciate your encouragement. :twilightsmile:

Congratulations on having a staff member semi-confirm your suspicions, Chin. You did quite well with your investigation. In a larger sense, having Tong record the voice brings up that Sentry question... if we ignore the fact that we've never seen coat and mane color mean anything in terms of family relations. Ah, pony genetics!:twilightsmile:

I was actually a little disappointed in the album. I don't know what son Fluttershy was singing, but it wasn't Silent Night by any stretch of the imagination.


I was also disappointed in a few songs. I've only been able to listen to Fluttershy's edition of Silent Night once. It's a little unsettling. But Applejack's rendition of Auld Lang Syne was really good.

I have the feeling Pop Fly is Fluttershy's brother that was confirmed season six. By that I mean Fluttershy's brother is confirmed for season six, not... Pop Fly being him. But evidence seems strong though.

At least now I have a face for that name... Good job :pinkiesmile:

It funny as hell find out that Flash Santry is the father of Pop Fly.

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