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So... WWE Results Came... · 3:46am Nov 23rd, 2015

10:34 PM ET Reigns hits an early spear and Ambrose kicked out. Announcers playing up doubts of Roman Reigns and inability to finish.

10:35 PM ET Ambrose hits Dirty Deeds and Roman kicks out!

10:38 PM ET Reigns hits a spear on a charging Ambrose for the win. Roman Reigns is your new WWE World Heavyweight Champion!

For fuck's sake... Why? Just why? I want to see footage of fans right now, they gotta be rolling. I like Reigns, but... this is NOT acceptable.

EDIT: Oh wait, Sheamus cashed in. Nevermind. :twilightblush:

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Comments ( 12 )

Yeah....Crazy stuff indeed. XD

Lol it was pretty predictable since every Survivor Series ends with a twist or something crazy happens. Remember last year we had Sting?

Now the real question is what they're gonna do with this. :derpytongue2:

I just finished watching the event. Great match.

I expect a face turn of Rollins.

What happened next??

3562653 True. I honestly would've been fine if Reigns turned to Authority like in '98 when Rock turned to Corporation. THAT would've been grand! But, now we have Reigns being a champion (even for a couple of seconds), and not Ambrose. Ambrose vs Sheamus would've been badass.

3562660 Sheamus is WWE Champ! Which is better than Reigns.

3562663 Wait...you mean the good guy wins this time? Did the writer's turn a new leaf????? I left awhile ago because I was sick and tired of the heels winning all the time.:twilightangry2:

3562849 Sheamus cashed in when Reigns won, so Sheamus is new champ and pretty much Rollins' replacement in Authority. Sucks cause if he cashed in on Dean, we'd have some interesting matches.

Ummmm.....no I'd rather have a potato for champion than Sheamus

3564151 My Choices for Champion:
#1: AMBROSE!!!
#2: Sheamus
#3: Roman Reigns

3564263 I'll take my deanie give him the belt and Sheamus can suck it

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